The latest member of the Souless collective to grace me with an interview is Barry, an extremely skilled rapper with a great eye for fashion. Was great shooting him the questions and getting to know his influences, what inspires him, and what he has planned for the future.

1. Firstly, I want to compliment you for your contributions to the Souless compilation tape, PREFIX, which I recently reviewed. You definitely brought a unique presence to those songs, and played off well against the other members. Do you have a favourite from that project?

thank you I appreciate that man me and them souless guys work hard shout out to all them I gotta say my favorite to be honest is the big Larry solo track but my favorite verse I did just might be seasons I delivered something soothing and different and very intriguing it might of been the last song I did for the tape and it just came out perfectly Lars delivered a very soothing and in your face verse and same with Sek.

2. From what I’ve heard of your music, you seem to have one of the freshest, most vibrant voices in the Souless collective. ‘Birds’ is a personal favourite in terms of that restless energy. What inspires you to rap and write lyrics?

to be honest man my life and my daily movements is really the main factor of my writing we all got our bullshit we go thru and at the same time we feel joy because without pain we wouldn’t feel so good from it so it’s a lot of mixed emotions in my writing and also a lot of versatility because I love keeping my listeners minds wondering.

3. Killer Kane seems to do the vast majority of your beats, and you have a great chemistry, especially on the KILLBARRY project. Are you two close enough geographically to work in person?

yea man Kane is my fucking brother I love that guy he lives 15 minutes away from me we’re both grown men and have our personal lives but when we link up we put in work and get shit done and of course smoke some good weed and make sure one another is well in our personal lives such a good dude.

4. Do you have any new stuff on the way? You dropped a 6 track tape last Christmas but what do you have planned for this year?

yea man I got a boat load of music coming very soon I’ve been working on a lot of souless stuff and features as of the past 3 months but I’m plotting on something big time comes with greatness man.

5. You hail from New Jersey. What is the hip-hop scene like there? I can’t think of many big stars from there off the top of my head so your music is extra cool to me in that sense.

yea man jersey is def one of the original areas of hip hop lots of dope artist from the garden state my favorite happens to be retch jersey got some crazy good artist and producers.

6. Who are some of your favourite rappers? Both in the underground scene at the moment and in general.

Honestly Sek and lärs and big Larry my favorite in the underground rn straight spitters and can just generally make a song that matters to me I listen to my guys if I’m listing to some underground stuff but In general lil Wayne is my favorite and the best rapper ever to me I’m very influenced by him and I studied his style but found my own he’s the goat.

7. Who would your ideal collaboration be? If you had the option to work with anyone you wanted for an album, for example.

my dream Collaboration would be with j dilla he’s a super legend as we all know bless his soul but his beats touch my heart man ain’t nothing like instrumentals that paint visuals so it would def be him.

8. You seem to be big on your fashion shit. What are some of your favourite brands and do you think self-styling is particularly important in this era of rap?

yea man I love to look nice haha I was doing the supreme thing heavy since 2012 but as of recently man I just love a nice t shirt ripped jeans and vans I just make basic shit look dope but shout out to Jason hicks one of my good friends who designs clothing he’s up next but to me clothes don’t matter to the normies in the game it does but material don’t make the man at the end of the day.

9. The visual for ‘2 Chainz’ is dope (love the Slipknot shirt), definitely adds to one of my favourite songs you’ve made. Is that track going to end up on an project?

thank you man one of my best friends (josh Boyce) shot the visual i actually came across slip back in ninth grade cause my homie Sean was a huge fan but originally it was a track for kill Barry 2 but with the material I’ve been making for it since then just knocks it off in all honesty but I love that song reminder Kane hates making trap beats haha.

10. Aside from making and consuming music, what else do you enjoy doing?

besides music I love smoking weed with my awesome friends I love kicking it with moms and going to awesome nature sights I get down sometime so I like to keep myself going and remind myself life is beautiful I love taking to my souless brothers that’s just pure comedy when we fucking around I just love to enjoy life and take care of my self as should the rest of us. SOULESS

Check out Barry on Soundcloud. Follow him on Twitter at @barry_marrow.

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