I’ve wanted to interview this dude for a while, as I feel he’s one of the most underrated Souless members and a seriously great rapper. Was great shoot him some questions, he’s a real genuine dude. Shout out Larry for keeping it real as hell.

1. There’s not a lot of music on your Soundcloud but I fuck with the tracks you put on 4915, your contributions to BIMBO & PREFIX are dope too. Do you have a full project on the way?

ehhhh I do but majority of those songs prolly will never see the lite of day, I’ve got a tun of shit I’m just super selective w what I wanna share to my audiences, even tho a lot of my songs on my soundcloud aren’t mixed them shits is still bangers and def contribute to my sound. But I will def be putting a full length project out before the end of the year I promise that will happen, I’ve been working w some producers in souless & extended family of souless so once I feel like it’s time to drop a full length project I’ll def have it ready when I feel like it’s ready

2. I found your Bandcamp through your Soundcloud and it has two instrumental tapes produced by you from 2014, but as far as I know you don’t make beats anymore. What made you move away this and towards rapping?

LMAO yooooo I taught myself how to make beats one of my good friends ghost /\/ ghoul really the reason I started making beats cause this nigga use to try and charge me like 300 a beat before we was good friends and that shit fye me up so I too the time to learn, but when I did I def took a major step back from writing music spec the music I love to make.. once I started making beats I opened up a whole new side of me. I could buss out 808 joints are neon soul kinda instrumentals.. so I reall started experimenting with different sounds and trying to make some “ NEW “ but at the same time it was taking me from the music I’ve always loved to make witch is raspy scummy nigga music lol.. I just kinda lost myself in the producing aspect of this shit so I kinda cut back. But I got songs coming out v soon produced by me so look out for that

3. You’re one of the members of Souless I’ve always wanted to interview cos you have such a strong musical presence. Who would you say has influenced your style, if anyone?

honestly the whole 2011-2015 area was huge for me, that’s when I became conscious enough to understand what niggas was trying to do but some huge influences on me is like 50 cent ( who was my first fav rapper when I was younger I use to rock the gunit beaters and all lmao) curren$y,Doom, Earl, Gibbs,jay z, SGP, … that’s all from the top of my head but a lot of them guys music def open my eyes to the free range that a artist got when it comes to making this music. You can truly do what tf you wanna do there’s no limitations to anything and I fuck w that the most

4. That new ‘DORKS_2’ with SeKwence is some fire. Is that destined for the next Souless project and if not will we hear more of you two rapping together?

MOST DEF me & Sek got more on the way, and there will be another comp I know Kane just sent me some shit to reck and I’m deadass excited, they really push me to be great at this shit and I couldn’t ask no more from my guys. All of souless is a inspiration. I can’t have Barry Lärs & Sek out here killing me off lol I low key feel like we all got this unspoken competition between us all. We wan be the best and I’m not mad at it cause it’s a extra push for me to write fye music, and even tho I haven’t got the chance to work with a lot of are producers that is def otw. More shit with me and klsr, Kane and xface rev issac seff etc I’m looking forward too working with everybody

5. Who are some of your current favourite rappers? In Souless and outside it.

ofcurse lars Sek Barry but it’s funny cause my low key fav is handsome handgun that Nigga be snapping, when he drop that one jawn w uglyfriend hexfriend ( think that’s how I spell it ) I fucking w crazy, it motivated me to get in my bag real quick lol.. like I said they all just inspire me to go harder w this music shit, can’t have them make me look like Robert horry on a championship lakers team you feel em? I atleast gotta be Derek fish lmao

6. Who is your favourite producer you have worked with? I think you and KLSR killed it on ‘Finome’ and more recently ‘Dull’. Do you think you’d ever produce one of your own songs if you got back into it?

it’s funny you say that cause I’ll be puttin out a self produced project prolly here in like a week or so so you guys will def get to see both side of Larry … from the production side and writing side.. but aside from that I think Kane my fav to work w and the reason is because he done taught me ho to correlate w his style and he’s always continuously send me new kick and motivating me to get shit done. And I love em for that.. like if I was in Jersey I bet if be recording w Kane & Barry 24/7 .. just the way he consistently is working on shit for me and Barry and the whole souless just shows my nigga be working hard & I respect that. Def more coming from us two

7. Where are you from and what is the hip-hop scene like where you live? Are you able to collaborate in person with other Souless members?

I’m originally from high point North Carolina but I moved to Kentucky when I was younger, and Louisville got a dope music scene, it’s a lot of artist out here working and putting out new sounds daily.. but the only problem is they don’t fuck w new up incoming artist. So the local artist be just rotating them self’s around W there music and you can tell niggas kinda fed up w em lol I mean after sommeny shows and tapes dropped.. if you ain’t elevated by then. Then niggas gon look at you like what is you on? But I’m not currently is a position to work w any other souless artist. But I am taking a trip soon to Sek & xface and I less then a year ago I lived in Florida and me and Lärs was chillin tuff so I’m def gonna be relocating soon, just gotta get my cheese right

8. Do you have any outlets other than music? What else do you get up to on a daily basis?

Other then music all I really do is indulge in shit I shouldn’t indulge in, Push packs and play overwatch w UNC when he on the 4 lol where I’m at it ain’t much to do but these options unless u committed to some chick and that’s a no bueno for me RN lmao I’m dolo as dolo can get, I can’t take no lose to no females, they be having niggas ready to risk it all out here and I want no parts lol

9. Thanks for doing this interview bro, anything else you want to add?

Last thing I wan say is shout out you you for this interview my nigga real shit I appreciate it, I never thought I was instresring enough for someone to enn wanna do a interview on me, shout out my right hand man patthedon he not in souless but he’s literally my go to, he help me with all these verses and pictures, videos etc def a big part in me making this shit happen. Shouts to Kane,xface,Sek, Lärs, my sister & my plug.. all them niggas help me get threw these fucked up days we be having & they just make it easier for me to keep going.

Check out Larry on Soundcloud. Follow him on Twitter at @BIGLARRYNUTS.

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