Me and $moke have been following each other for a bit now, so this hook up was inevitable. He had some good answers to my questions concerning his music, his plans for the future, and his opinions on streaming services.

1. Your music can be some straight grimey, nasty shit. What inspires these eerie, horror-esque vibes?

Horror and dark fantasy movies have to be my biggest inspiration with this part of me. Movies like shaun of the dead where you have frightening moments but its not all too serious. Movies like pans labyrinth where it sets a certain tone and demands your attention through the entire film. Its exactly what I went for with enter the void specifically. Shoutout to colton skaggs for the production

2. A lot of your songs, like ‘She Hit My Line All The Time’, are more chilled tracks. Would you agree that musical diversity is essential in order to stand out in the underground scene?

I don’t think its a must but it definitely helps although with me I make music according to how I feel in that moment, but if you can do it go for it.

3. I notice you’re a fan of utilizing the anime visual for your songs. Do you feel having that entertaining visuals is crucial to boosting song popularity?

Definitely visuals can give a whole new meaning to a song, while i dont think its crucial it is something every artist should look into at least.

4. You dropped Enter The Void this year already, do you have anything else planned?

I have a 2 track instrumental (galaxy) dropping pretty soon (with some sound design from skimaskkass and co production on the 2nd track from banglaflare) Also dropping some other singles produced by tesmond, me, and colton skaggs on the way, but nothing too major YET.

5. What do you think the best song you’ve made so far is? I like ‘Scarface’ a lot personally, you floated on that beat.

Thats a tough ass question but its gotta be between she hit my line and scarface.

6. Do you have any favourite artists/people who have inspired you?

Im inspired by everyone literally

7. Your music used to be on Spotify, but now isn’t. What happened there?

Distrokid happened I woke up to check my bank tab then I noticed all of my music was gone, but shit happens im over it all I could do was switch services. MUSIC BACK IN ALL STORES MAY 23 – 25

8. You have frequently pointed out the flaws in Soundcloud’s service. Do you think a better streaming service exists and why?

Almost anything is better than soundcloud. Bandcamp is a better alternative because people have the option to purchase your music and it shows your spotify and apple music links. Soundclound is designed for people to stay there which isnt beneficial to the artist.

Follow $moke on Twitter at @smokewoke.

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