One of the dopest producers in the collective Souless, Killer Kane is an amazing producer who can seemingly adopt to any style. He kindly let me shoot him some questions and it turned out great.

1. Want to say first of all that I love Budget Cuts, and I feel every day that it goes unappreciated as one of both your and SeKwence’s best projects. Do you have another on the way?

thanks man, SeKwence really brought out some real shit on there. falcon punch is one of my favorite songs i’ve done. we’ve been talking about getting another one out this year, probably closer to fall. shout adonis and barry for the features on it.

2. Your production on ‘Starter Jacket’ was equally amazing, I touched on it during the review, but that might have been my favourite beat on the whole of that tape. Do you make beats with specific rappers like Sek or Barry Marrow in mind or do they fall into place in another way?

i love that beat too, it depends tho, with Starter Jacket, breakfast hit us up and wanted bar out w them over a beat of mine and i had a joint in mind immediately. thats usually how it goes, rappers hit me and i got a few in mind that would fit them. sometimes though, someone will come to me w a sample to flip, like lärs came to me with mad final fantasy songs and i ended up making some shit for him and barry that’s crazy. Larry came to me too about making some trap shit which was cool cause i don’t usually do shit like that, so look out for bitter end coming sooner than later. typically though i’m just making beats then when people hit me i’ll go through and see what could work for them

3. Your so far eight volume instrumental series are incredibly mesmerising sets of music. Are these compilations mainly comprised of old music or are they new creations?

the volume series were kinda mixed, a few songs that were old and a few i made the month they dropped, sometimes it leaned heavier on older stuff and vice versa. some tapes would have stuff from 2015 and then some would all be from june or march or whatever.

4. I would love to hear a full length project from you in the style of Lost In Translation, with a different rapper on each track. Do you have anything like that planned? You’re definitely a strong enough producer to carry an album like that.

i wasn’t going to at first but suffs bimbo tape was so good it got me kinda wanting to do another so yea i’ve been thinking about one, i’ve just been focused on Kill Barry 2, Bitter End and the next Soułess comp. i gotta think of some new spitters to get on a second lost in translation.

5. Your most recent releases, ‘bodieswithoutminds’ and ‘forestforthetrees’ are amongst your most immersive, and flow seamlessly despite the track changes. How do you create these atmospheric sounds?

hard to say tbh, forestforthetrees i made all during my trial on ableton so those all already had the same feel to me, but i been cooking up a bunch a beats in a month and finding the ones where my head was in the same space, and then mix them kinda the same way. putting them through some of the same processing. i go through phases of sampling one type of shit and i think that helps too. but i definitely spent more time on making these last few releases feel like a stream of thought.

6. As a part of Souless, who are your favourite members to collaborate with? Barry mentioned you two kick it and record stuff.

barry is for sure a given, i can give him any of my beats and it just works, but i love working w all of em and not on some corny shit. i like working w dots cause he’s always got a vision making a song. i fuck w larry cause he’ll get a track back to you in 24 hours and sek can flow on anything and sounds like no one else. i love working w all the producers cause you’re putting our styles in blender and getting some next level shit. i got collabs w ruci, rev, ntvrme, xface & splndid in the chamber that are next level. ( i still need uncle bitches faceless ass to send me some shit to work with)

7. Who are your primary influences? I think your music speaks for itself but I’m interested nonetheless.

hip-hop producer wise the biggest influences on me that made me want to produce were DOOM, Rza & Kanye. Madlib is definitely a huge influence on my style as well, everytime i hear something by him i get inspired to make something. Tuami as of late too. from the way i pick and chop samples to how i pick my drums, i got something from their music.

8. Who else is killing the producer game at the moment? You can include Souless members but I’m also interested in those outside it.

NoPulp, phonyvillain, kwukka, drkmnd, alpine are internet homies that are killing it rn, all their shit is cold as fuck. two dudes from my area frank sriracha(we just dropped a tape on his soundcloud) & vik are mad nice. i been tryna get vik to put out some beats so be on the look out for that. i know i’m forgetting some people but i love you all.

9. You’re from New Jersey, which I’m told is historically very solid in terms of rap music. Who is making a name for the city at the moment?

state wise who’s making noise i think it’s undeniable that retch is, but also knxwledge, mach hommy and mndsgn. revenxnt of course & just found a dude brainorchestra too from jersey he’s mad nice.

10. Do you have anything else exciting planned? In your personal life as well as your music, what do you get up to on the average day?

just got my music production degree, so i’m just doing free lance engineering and mixing (shameless plug: HMU IF YOU NEED MIXING MASTERING ALL THAT)and working nights at ups, the hip-hop dream haha. but i smoke some weed and make some beats, maybe watch a movie or read a little bit for inspiration . couple days a week i intern at a studio so i’m there a good bit too.

11. Finally I want to say thanks for this interview bro, been wanting to talk to you for a while now so good to get it done!

no doubt man. shout out to everyone who listens to my music, soułess and everyone chasing this shit. forestforthetrees out now.

Check out Killer Kane on Soundcloud. You can find him on Twitter at @killerkanebeats.

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