A phenomenal rapper whose fantastic guest verses attracted me to his music, ThugYeezy is also one of the most genuine people I’ve interacted with on the Internet, and a real sick dude. He hasn’t got much stuff out yet but hit up his Soundcloud to peep his features and join me on my wait for his debut project, dropping some time in the future.

1. You’re from Lawrence, Massachusets. What’s the hip-hop scene like there, anyone I need putting on to?

Aight so I’m from Lawrence , MA but ironically moved to Lawrenceville , GA in like 2002. But the Lawrence music scene when I was growing up all we had was Reks, Termanology , & The Late Great Scientifik he was like Our Big L .

2. I can’t remember exactly when I started following you, but I think the first time i heard you was on ‘Huffy Bike’. Your verse on that joint went so crazy. I’m hoping that your upcoming project has more songs with that snappy, slick vibe?

And yeah Huffy hella special to me fr that’s my shit listen to it everyday . My project is very reminiscent of Hardcore in your face hiphop like what I’ve grew up on it sounds like how I feel whether it’s angry , sad , or happy as hell thats why I love it because it’s genuine

3. You only have two songs on your Soundcloud (both of which are dope). Did you delete stuff over time or have you working on a bulk of material before releasing it?

I got two on there which is “365” & “SirBackHand Jonez Part 1&2” But another one with the homie Vonte called “HML” it’s on his soundcloud and I was trying to find my sound that’s why I only got two songs. I found myself making songs that I thought other people would like rather than making the music that I really wanted to make lol I don’t even listen to those two songs anymore

4. I’m really excited for this album you’re going to drop, can you tell me anything about it or when its coming out?

Aight so The Album is Called “Soon It Will All Make Sense” I cant give you the date because I don’t have a set one yet , but I got Alpine , Sekwence , Cam Banks , & Adonis on it . It sounds crazy man Alpine and Adonis got some heat on there . My Boy ManWithXFace did about 3 Tracks on there The Historian did 2 and The Artivist did 2 .

5. Your guest verses are always incredible, especially on ‘MARLO’ from Lärs’ last tape, and they always seem to come from a personal place. What inspires you to rap the way you do?

Aye I appreciate that fr and Idk Marlo was hard to shout out to Lärs TWO DOTS ! But , yeah like I try to be a realistic with the raps as possible because my favorite Rappers always expressed their experiences through lyrics .

6. How long have you been rapping? You got a seriously nice flow so I’m guessing a while.

I’ve been rapping all my life like since middle school I’d say like 8th grade I was terrible tho I ain’t get nice until like maybe 10th grade always been a student of the game so I knew what good rap sounded like . I took it serious when my nigga Bama said I should so I just started playing with it then the homie Dre started actually going to the studio like 2 years ago and he told me i should get in there that’s when I started taking it serious

7. Do you have any favourite rappers or people that inspired you at a young age? I remember you saying Nas was a big influence.

Prodigy , Pun, Jay, Nas, & Pimp C inspired me to rap like those are my biggest influence but then Niggas like Mos , Roc Marci, Sir Michael Rocks , Grandemarshall , Jada , Styles , Peedi Crakk , & Etc as far as producers go Alchemist , The Neptunes , J Dilla , Premiere , Cardo, Chuck Inglish, Madlib, Thelonious Martin , Earl

8. What else do you get up to aside from making music?

Shit Ima huge NBA and NFL fan so if it ain’t music I’m watching sports or playing 2K or some shit any nigga who need that baptism on the K my gamer tag on the box is Thugyeezy . I’m on the duty too doing Niggas dirty so y’all holla at me

9. Finally, what are your plans for the future? Anything planned for after the album comes out?

And after album I wanna take a year or two off from doing my own music just to focus on making beats I wanna rap on at least one of my own beats on my next project so that’s my goal .

aye I appreciate you Chris you show love and give a lot of people such as myself a chance and that’s all I want fr so thank you man !

Listen to ThugYeezy on Soundcloud. Follow him on Twitter at @ThugYeezy.

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