I’ve been following Joel for a while on Twitter, he’s a good guy with some serious talent as a producer. We had a great conversation about his musical inspiration, his creative process and his love of film.

1. You dropped a project, to kill love, in March this year. Was the creative process behind these songs, which have a less abrasive and more eerie, unsettling vibe, different to your past material?

All the songs were made within about a months span, from January to February. once I heard each song back to back It was something that I knew. It tied together and wasn’t too short or long just the perfect time to maybe keep a persons attention. The songs were a little fast paced, compared to my older work and the drums were much better in my opinion.

2. The material on your Soundcloud stretches back over a six month period, and there’s some really impressive stuff on there. When did you first begin to produce?

Hey man I appreciate that thank you! It hasn’t even been a full year since I started to produce. I got into it last year, around August. I’d say that the progression has been beautiful.

3. You seem to have an affinity toward horror aesthetics, found in both your cover art and the various samples you use. Do you consider yourself deeply invested in the genre and is film a big interest for you?

Yes, i love Horror. Films in general are a big inspiration for me period. They invoke different emotions, just like music does. Seeing what a person can bring to life is amazing.

4. I recently watched Donnie Darko, so the sample on ‘fear & love’ is dope to me. That song is my favourite on the EP, really creates a soul-searching vibe of sorts. What inspires you to convey such emotions in your music?

I like trying to put sounds that wouldn’t normally go together, together. I like fusing weird shit I don’t know why but sometimes the outcome is just like “Damn did I really make that?”. That song still gets played every single day. I was at my brothers house and we was just fuckin around on 2k, watchin movies and making beats. It took not even an hour. Donnie Darko is a movie I recommend everyone should watch at one point. The sample was perfect

5. You have work alongside many other producers on the various EP’s and loose tracks you have on your Soundcloud. Who has been your favourite to work with and are you able to do so in person with any of them?

Shoutout Henny God, $uff, killer Kane, DXVTH. I appreciate each and every one of the collabs. All the collabs that Henny god and I got, have been done in person. We made a whole EP in like 4-5 hours. That was VERY fun. With Everyone else, I had just sent out the melodies, and they went fuckin crazy. I can’t really pick a favorite. All them mfs are really talented.

6. Have you ever collaborated with any rappers and if so who have you most enjoyed working with? Who would you most like to rap on your beats?

The only song I have out is an old one with my boy ALPINE. There’s an EP i got coming out with Lil Saffi. I would like to work more with everyone in Soułess, & Tusk Airline.

7. What’s the music scene like in El Paso? Has anyone from there inspired you, and if not who has?

The music scene is really starting to blossom into something great. With khalid and Evander Grim blowing up i feel like that inspired tons of folks to do more, or see that they can attain that too, you know, There’s great acts from all parts of town. You got Tusk Airline, Wildsters, Fat Camp, benzo amore, $kigh, Maximillion, SKIN FACE, Henny God, the list goes on. The biggest inspirations have been RCLvonte, ALPINE, Henny God, Tusk, and everyone in soułess.

8. Are there any producers/rappers I might not know about that I need putting on to? You put me on to Tusk Airline (who seem to be a bunch of really talented dudes) before but who else?

They got it, I promise you. You’re on just about everyone. Hundo, Vonte, Henny God, Lil Saffi, check out a lot their material. Hundo and Vonte got a tape coming out that I’m really looking forward to hearing. Reboski (Tusk) just dropped Martinex, I highly recommend you check that and the limited edition out.

9. What are you up to in your spare time? Bar making music of course, what else interests you?

If I’m not making music I’m at the gym, work, or watching movies. I’m a laid back motherfucker.

10. Finally, is there anyone else you want to shout out?


Check out LOVEKILL on Soundcloud. Follow him on Twitter at @joelissiah.

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