BMB Deathrow member LZA is one of my favourite rappers whose music is starting to pop off, he has a unique flow and an ability to sound great over a litany of beats. He’s also one of the most entertaining people I follow on Twitter. We spoke about his changing styles and monikers, how life had changed for him due to increased attention on his music, and what he has in store for his audience in the future.

1. Since your last interview, shit’s been popping off a fair bit for you. Has this changed things for you in your everyday life?

Yeah , I’ve been getting a lot of attention on social media and it gets overwhelming but I love and appreciate it and it motivates me.

2. I really like Shyne Till I Die, it’s a dope EP and rly sets you apart from a lot of people rapping right now. When’s the next project out and what can we expect?

I work almost everyday and I got a lot of shit coming soon , I can’t even say a date because I usually drop music whenever the timing is right but you can expect less features and a newer sound.

3. Your style has changed over the years, but I think the new shit you’re putting out is the most slick. What inspired this change in direction?

I realized I was getting older and I just didn’t wanna rap about dark things all the time anymore.

4. In your opinion, what’s the best song you’ve made or released? I remember you said you had a lot of material in the vault.

Plot on me, wasn’t wit me and #NOMORE are my favorite songs as of late but my new songs gonna be bigger than those hopefully.

5. Why do you no longer go by Evil Pimp? That was a hard moniker.

I still go by Venomous Pimp as homage to Evil Pimp but I usually use venomous pimp whenever I’m in a dark mood or making a mix. My new name is Sicko LZA ..just for now.

6. Of the other members of BMB, who is your favourite that you’ve made music with? ‘Homicide’ with Evil Haze is some dark-sounding shit, that’s my favourite on the EP.

I’ve worked with everyone of em and got songs with each member but my favorite is BG because me and BG usually finish songs in a day or 2.

7. BMB have been doing some big stuff lately, is there anything we should be looking out for in the coming months?

More work with all of us and group tape.

8. I read up on your influences before, but who are some of the current artists that inspire you? Who is killing it in the underground right now in your opinion?

Kane Grocery’s , Black Kray , Goonew , D Savage , Uno The activist and Duwap Kaine but CowboyKiller and Lil Xelly 2 underground artists killing shit because their work ethic is crazy.

9. Any shows you’re playing soon that people should look out for?

Idk yet man where I’m from they ain’t fucking with me lmao you know how it go.

10. Thanks for this interview bro, been wanting to speak to you for a minute now. Anything you want to add/anyone you want to shout out?

Shoutout the whole Triple 1 ,BMB , CowboyKiller , Hi-C and ZachRabbit.

Listen to LZA on Soundcloud. Follow him on Twitter at @L_Z_A.

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