Real Deal followed me not long ago, and I immediately found a lot to enjoy in his catalogue. He’s a passionate young dude with a promising future, I’m glad we got to chop it up.

1. ‘Friday Tha 13th’ was the first song I heard from you, it’s a killer joint that plays of eerie vibes for a huge, spectral banger. Did you have any specific influences in making that track? I hear some Bone Thugs, some Raider Klan and some even some Chxpo in that one.

Friday Tha 13th goes hard, I like making raw songs like that where I can just turn everybody up and let them vibe to it! Influences for that song was some sprite and vodka ahhaha

2. ‘Middle Finger’ is your latest song, but you’ve also announced a newer track titled ‘Drown Me’. When’s that dropping and what can you tell me about it?

“Drown Me” is a summer hit no doubt! This joint aboutta go crazy. Planning to have it drop in a month, it’s gonna be on Spotify and Apple Music which would be my first piece of work on other platforms. The songs gonna get everybody in their feels but at the same time people gonna turn up to it!

3. When did you start rapping? A quick flick through your Soundcloud reveals you have already honed your style significantly since your early days.

I started rapping almost two years ago but the last 6 months I’ve really been going hard and understanding music a lot more! I just like making music that Others can relate to or just have people turn the fuck up!

4. Who are some of your favorite artists right now? Can be people you’ve collaborated with or rapped over beats from, or just some rappers/producers you think are making major waves right now.

My favorite artists not in order
03 Greedo
Waka Flocka
Bray Costello
Yung Bans
A lot more I can’t think of rn

5. The Sherman Death Wish EP is your sole project on Soundcloud, and its pretty good especially ‘Wasted Life’. Do you have a full length tape planned soon?

I do have songs in the making for a project called “AWLT” gonna be a collab wit me and my buddy $tevie Cash. He’s gonna produce the whole tape, I plan on having about 10-12 songs and about 3-5 features!

6. What is the scene like in Connecticut? Any other rappers there I should be watching for?

Connecticut fucking blows Bahahahhaa that’s all I gotta say for that question lmao

7. Why Real Deal? What made you choose that name?

Real Deal just comes from my buddy’s in my home town. You know I was just hustling my ass off and whatever somebody needed something I was there and always hooked it up like no other plug so everybody starting saying I’m the Real Deal so bitch I’m Real Deal:)!

8. In your opinion, what is the greatest song you have made so far? Can be something you’ve put out or are waiting to.

I got a ton of music I haven’t dropped yet that is definitely my best work I’ve made so far! But my favorite songs I’ve made are “Tilted Towers”, “BOOM”, “text me cuz I’m bored </3”. I love em all tho it just depends how I’m feeling and all that! Certain songs by me need to be played in the right setting and right time to fully feel the work I create!

9. Aside from making music, what do you get up to in your daily life?

I come from a small ass town called Sherman in Connecticut and there’s not much to do around here but I’m usually always chilling wit the homies turning up! We go bowling and shit bahaha n I fuck with fishing

10. Finally, thanks for doing this interview and is there anybody you’d like to shout out?

Aye man thanks for this no doubt! And yes shoutout STA, Bray Costello, $tevie Cash, Onetake, Luis the Lover! The whole fucking gang we up next frfr

Listen to Real Deal on Soundcloud. Follow him on Twitter at @AwItReal.

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