A rapper that’s sure to be a star one day, sonnydopecat crams a diverse array of styles into his music, and stays true to his original collective. We spoke about the changing elements in his sound, the music he grew up on, and the kind of material he has been waiting to release.

1. Your style has changed massively from when you first started putting music on Soundcloud four years ago. What caused this change in style towards songs like ‘Resume’ and ‘Alone’?

~ If you listen to all of my discography on SoundCloud, you’ll see that I typically don’t stick to one style. when I hear a beat I try to become the music. and whatever feeling I get from that, is what I go with. I don’t like to limit myself. even “Resume” and “Alone” are very different styles and I recorded them in the same night.. if that gives you a bit more clarity.

2. ‘Resume’ is definitely my favourite song that you have ever made, you really did that Vision beat justice and I love the melodies. Would you rank it amongst your best music and if not what would you say is your best track so far?

~ I would rank it as one of my favorites right now. My best music is still in the vault and I’ll drop in time when I feel like the people are ready.. I’m always working, always studying the underground, and most importantly; always improving my craft. What you have seen from me is just the beginning. My newest track “crucify” which currently has only been released on twitter, is my favorite track I’ve done so far.

3. Are we getting a full length project from you soon? I remember you mentioned one was coming out recently but have you got a specific date in mind?

~ no dates. I don’t like empty promises and I have a lot of my own fucked up shit to deal with so for now I don’t have a date. But yes, I have a few projects in the works as well as a few collaborations.

4. Your music has been getting a lot of attention recently, in particular ‘sheknowsifshetakesthesedrugs’. Do you have any other collaborations like that one in the works?

~ right now I’m focused on myself + dopecat. so most of the collaborations you will be seeing is me x @kadencedopecat. I will say bigbabyscumbag and I have some heat in the works, so keep an eye out for that. Also big shoutout to bigbabygucci for the hook on “sheknowsifshetakethesedrugs”

5. What inspires you to rap? Did you grow up on the genre?

~ I grew up listening to 50, Em, Wayne, Cassidy. I also really enjoy R&B and 80’s rock.. (sade, erykah badu, the fugees, Phil Collins, hall + Oates, etc.) But when Mac miller & wiz came to the scene I was in middle school. kade and I used to listen to the shit and follow wiz on his daytoday videos. we loved music and one day we just decided that we could create it too. lol. from there we bought a USB mic and plugged it into an old ass laptop and started spitting. Lol this is 2010 I’m talkin about but I walked into freshman orientation with nothing but hard copy mixtapes in my book bag. From there the passion has grown and now I’m just focused on making timeless music. not a trend, but music that can live on and change people’s lives.

6. Why ‘sonnydopecat’? Can you explain how the Dope Cat collective began?

~ during the period of time when we were starting out, we needed a name. kade had this cat that loved to get high and was just like this laid back, super chill cat. we saw that and ran with it. It’s a lifestyle. dopecat is essentially being yourself, doing you no matter who is watching. it’s being laid back and not giving a fuck about the bullshit life throws your way. it’s about helping others and making ur mark on the world. and obviously we smoke that good DOPE. Lol, but currently kade and I are the only members and it will stay that way until we feel like someone deserves to represent this way of life.

7. Do you and Kade have a lot of music in the vault? You seem to put out material together quite frequently, and I remember I was fucking with ‘BAGEL’ heavily.

we been blood since 5th grade, and actually just moved in together. so we have a lot of time, and have been experimenting with our new studio. We got helllllla shit otw, and it’s going to be next level.

8. You seem to be very into the anime aesthetic. Do you have any favourite shows or movies?

~ I do enjoy anime. I wouldn’t say I’m into the aesthetic tho just because to me that means I’m into it just for the “look” or to be apart of the fad. I think that the animation/storylines/characters in anime films are done very well and that’s why I enjoy them. my favorite, though very cliche, is hands down Pokémon indigo league

9. Who would you like to collaborate with, if you had the chance to? Could be a rapper or producer.

~ neither a rapper or producer, but Billie eilish

10. Finally, any shout outs you’d like to make?

~ shoutout to you, @108mics on the interview, always good to talk to someone who sees the vision. shoutout to all u motherfucking Dopecats that make it possible for me to pursue my passion. love u all

Check out sonny on Soundcloud. Follow him on Twitter at @sonnydopecat.

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