An insanely hard-working rapper, Handgun has not stopped his steady flow of recorded music since the release of his last project. In this interview, we discuss his release schedule, how he stays motivated to remain in the studio, and who his favourite collaborators have been so far.

1. You have kindly sent me a vast amount of music over the last month, the diverse array of styles I’ve heard you perform in this time has been very impressive. What unreleased song/release are you most proud of so far?

I have a lot of unreleased music and my rap style is so versatile but I am most proud of my latest recording per usual titled “Trying” so proud I absolutely have to put it out in October.

2. What inspires your work ethic? You seem to always be working on something.

It is common knowledge that I have a point to prove and I am constantly promoting myself as the greatest rapper alive but I am not delusional..As with all great things they tend to come to an end abruptly so I am prepared for my legacy to live on long after I am here with a flurry of music to inspire future generations. Yes I have recently recorded on a Tupac instrumental!

3. The enormous amount of producers you work alongside definitely lends credibility to your flexibility as an artist. Who has been your favourite to work with?

That would be my obvious choice Splndid who collaborated with me on my first Spotify release “Have A Splendid Time!” Fans should get excited because the sequel to that is already done!

4. Can you take us through your release plan concerning the rest of the year? Your ‘Handsomest’ project is shaping up to be really nice, but what else do you have planned?

I can confirm a followup mixtape to “Handsomest” titled “Of Em All” releasing in October on my favorite holiday. Can you guess which that is?

5. Are you ever returning to Twitter? You’re definitely missed on there.


6. How’s life been treating you? You get up to much bar recording music?

Life’s a bitch but if I die hopefully I can record every day in heaven like I do here and maybe even send you exclusives still if that’s the case Chris lol!

7. Any shout outs you want to give to conclude?

Big shoutout to Brayden Potts, my producer for my latest single out now “Show Me” and my best friend Jay $crill who also manages my facebook artist page everybody like me on there too please Alright it’s a wrap 9/22 download and share that shit!!!!!

Check out Handgun on Soundcloud.

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