A phenomenally talented producer and rapper at only 16, Jack Kane has been on my radar for a minute and we ended up having some real great discussion of his diverse musical styles, upcoming projects and visuals and his connection with his local scene.

1. First off, I want to ask what inspired you to begin producing at such a young age, and how you got so good so quickly? For real, your beats are incredible.

throughout my life I would have various interests n go hard af at em at different times. So it was the same thing with music, just 8th grade me messing around for days straight trying to make interesting beats. I’ve also played piano for many years so that helps

2. ‘Geekin’ remains my favourite song from you, it definitely has some of your harder rapping. I definitely think songs like that as well as ‘Evergreen’ from your SUGARKANE EP represent my favourite style from you. Is there more of that to come?

there’s definitely more of that style to come. I like to switch up my sound and not be known as one dimensional, so I’ll always make more hard songs like those. Need the balance

3. Speaking of ‘Geekin’, I really dig the video that just dropped for it. Do you have any more visuals on the way?

yup, more visuals on the way. I have one ready for Backpack that I’m going to drop soon, it’s better than Geekin. I’m trying to shoot a video a week though because visuals are super important to me as an artist. I work closely with my editor Harry who’s fye with the videos. Geekin was the first full video he ever edited, we only goin up from here

4. Two of the tracks on your latest project weren’t produced by you. Do you find going over other people’s beats to be a different process to self-production?

yeah I would say the process differs when it’s my beat versus someone else’s. When it’s my beat, I’ll have a vision for the record from the first melody I make ,and I’ll go from there with the lyrics . For someone else’s beat, it’s more me catching a vibe and thinking “how can I make this a hit?”

5. Who are you influenced by? Both from a rapping and production perspective.

dr dre, Pharrell, speakerknockerz, and old playboi Carti are some of my sonic inspirations. Whether they’re making a really high quality unique beat, or spitting on the song, those 4 would always leave me with new ideas for my own music

6. Do you have any dream collaborations? Or just people you’d really like to work with.

I always struggle with thinking about dream collaborations. I’d love to make music with anyone talented if we have good chemistry in the studio. With that said, in the future I would most want to work with D Savage, sahbabii, and Justin Timberlake

7. What is the scene like in Boston? Have you been able to collaborate with anyone else from there?

I’m in and out of the Boston scene. There’s my usual group of collaborators, Lev, Faboo, Uncle, and a few others I’m consistently making music with. I don’t think much about making a local impact because I know the time will come as I do more shows and put more music out. I’m glad for the development of the scene out here though, there’s beginning to be a bunch of new impressive artists and producers

8. What’s next for you musically? Any more EP’s on the way or are we going to get a longer project? I’d for sure like to hear that

I was going to put out a 3rd EP soon but I’m kind of reconsidering. I’m thinking about dropping a few really good singles, with a solid build up for each and accompanying visuals. Those would spread my name a little more and give me a better platform to drop another project. In terms of a tape, I’ll know when the time comes and I have a good concept

9. Anybody you’d like to shout out? Thanks for being patient with me while doing this, my schedule has been kind of hectic lmao.

Of course fam I’m thankful for the opportunity. Shoutout to everyone believing in and supporting me it means the most. Shoutout to all my friends I make art with

Listen to Jack on Soundcloud. Follow him on Twitter at @jack_kane19

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