Palm Beach rapper Heartbreak JP has been one of my favourite musical discoveries of the last few months. A dope rapper with incredible flow and ear for melody, JP is destined for great things. Here, we talked about his most popular tracks, upcoming visuals and the best artists to come from his scene.

1. ‘WOA’ seems to be taking off at the moment, and for good reason as its a dope song. When are we going to see the full visual for that joint?

“WOA” going crazy rn definitely one of my favorite songs that i’ve ever made simply off the vibe & what it stands for. that track is more than just a song to me its a fye brand & lifestyle that my homie @aflyingnimbus created & put me onto. no official date for the video drop yet but you’ll def get the visual before this year ends.

2. ‘FACTS’ is another favourite of mine from you, and I included it on one of my playlists. It has that hypnotising melodic style I think you’re best at, and I’d love to hear a full album in that style. Have you got plans for a full length project any time soon?

“FACTS” a favorite of mines too that just came from me freestyling in my room & experimenting with that melodic sound. i’ve peeped that most people fuck with that type of style from me lately & feel like i perfected that sound so i def wanna keep experimenting with it for the project i plan on dropping before the year ends as well called “HEARTBREAK SEASON”.

3. Your current style is a lot different to the more trap-influenced Thrift Lord from 2016 and the spacey R&B of c l o u d 9 from 2017. What’s the secret to your versatility as an artist?

word that’s a fact there’s no secret honestly, i just try my best to do me & not copy or sound like most of these other artist cause everybody tryna b everybody or sound like everybody nowadays. i just wanna stay in my own lane & feel its best to b more versatile when it comes to the music cause i don’t wanna b labeled as just a “rapper” like i really see myself as an all around “artist” that’s able to do whatever whether it b on some trap influenced shit like Thrift Lord or spacey r&b type shit like c l o u d 9.

4. Florida seems like a hotspot for new rappers, and I’ve seen you doing tons of shows on Instagram. Do you think the city’s scene helps new artists such as yourself flourish?

most def florida always made noise when it comes to music it just took people awhile to catch on, especially niggas from my city like when people think of the florida music scene they only think miami but it’s more talent all around here especially from palm beach.

5. You’re very cool with XL Cartel, do you have any collaborations with any of them in the works? That would be cool as fuck.

hellyeah XL one of the few true i can say that’s tryna help put on for the city & others. they were one of the first to get me on a show when they started puttin on for the underground scene we got here. Hermes & i started working on a tape together last year but never got the chance to finish we only like 4 or 5 songs deep but we’ll def get back to that when the time is right just gotta link up again & make shit shake, i also wanna collab with jay soon too he’s been going crazy lately.

6. Who else from Florida would you recommend to people reading this blog? I know there’s a lot of undiscovered talent there.

there’s madd niggas from palm beach that i fuck with that’s been puttin on but to name a few off the top id have to say Solomon Da God, Karrwashere, JohnKA$H, Bleau, Milli Merg, Rebuen Stratum, & the whole Based Gang.

7. Where does your name come from? It made me think of R&B initially but it also works really well to describe your chilled, laidback style.

my name came from heartbreak playing a big part in my life i feel like every great artist has been through some type of heartbreak. that name stuck with me cause it’s literally me that chilled layed back style you speak of & i just wanted to turn something that’s usually seen in a negative light positive. heartbreak could either kill you or make you stronger to become the best you in whatever you choose to do in life.

8. What’s your next move musically? Any shows planned/songs on the way?

next moves i plan on making is to keep working on “HEARTBREAK SEASON” until i feel like it’s a solid well put together project worth dropping i don’t have a set date yet cause i don’t wanna rush my creativity & give y’all something trash to listen to, i’m experimenting new sounds everyday..also wanna get more visuals out too. the shows stay coming in it’s cool to see people actually fuck with me & give me the opportunity to showcase what i got cause i’ve been puttin in work for years. i got two shows coming up next week on the 28th & 29th that you could peep on my social media for more info about them.

9. Any shout outs you’d like to give? Been cool doing this with you my man.

too many to name but i wanna give a shoutout to all my niggas from the city that’s been puttin on to help make who we are & what we stand for as a whole known. Palm Beach definitely on the rise this year & forever also wanna give a shoutout to you chris for this dope interview & what you’re doing for the hiphop community my g.

Listen to JP on Soundcloud. Follow him on Twitter at @heartbreakjp.

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