An underrated Florida rapper who I was recently put on to by a mutual friend, Rob Santana brings that raw energy that the state is renowned for. I interviewed him about his recording process, his upcoming music and his goals for the future.

1. Your musical output is so far small, but it’s very consistent. What approach do you take when rapping, are your songs traditionally written or freestyled?

My songs are written.

2. What do you think is the best track you’ve made to date? You promote ‘Bloodshed’ a lot as its on streaming services, but I’d say ‘No Hook’ easily contends with it.

I think Bloodshed was a notorious track.

3. I saw you say on Instagram that you rap about violence because you grew up around it. Have those experiences influenced your lyrics significantly?

Yes, it made me become the artist I am today.

4. How long have you been in the rap game? Do you have a long term goal as an artist?

I been in the game for maybe 2 years now and my goal is to reach the millions.

5. I’ve seen you teasing a new track as of late, when are we getting that one?

That will be coming October 4th after I drop ’30 Shots’.

6. Do you have any plans for a full length tape? I’d definitely love to hear that based on what you have so far.

Yes, the tape will have hype and sad songs.

7. Who else is killing it in Florida right now? Put me on to some other good shit.

Peso Chamberlain, Baby Souljia.

8. I was told you’d turned down a deal. I feel that you want your come up to be authentic, and that offer alone proves you’re doing something right. Would you ever seen or do you plan to be fully independent?

FULLY Independent until I get a deal I’m cool with.

9. Is there anybody you would like to shout out? Appreciate you doing this interview my man.

Shoutout to my Promotion team, they putting all their support behind me.

Check out Rob on Soundcloud. Follow Rob on Instagram at @robsantanafb.

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