I was recently put onto Self Explan by our mutual Based Hoezer, and from checking him out I have come to appreciate his hard as bricks flow and dynamic approach to songwriting, here we chopped it up about his influences, his local scene and the music he has on the way.

1. Who or what would you say has influenced your sound? I hear a lot of sounds converging in your music, and I’m interested in finding out about your favourite rappers growing up, and anything else that has molded you as an artist.

The streets and my surroundings influenced my sound a lot. Gucci Mane , Lil Wayne,Master P,50 Cent and the Big Tymers were a huge influence. Max B and French Montana were a later influence that helped me find my sound more they made me want to have more style. Lil B helped me reach where I am by being based he is my biggest influence.

2. Your latest release By Myself Vol. 2 is by far your strongest, full as it is of your tough, anthemic hooks and an array of quality production. How did that project come together?

Thank you,It came together by constantly recording music every week lots of good weed and just having a good time haha. I’d look for beats that didn’t sound like everything that’s out or have BasedHoezer whip something. We spent a lot of time making sure the project made sense in a way where it just flows.

3. I was put on to you BasedHoezer, you two have a few collabs on that new tape. I really like how you two work together, particularly on ‘Losses’, is your chemistry any different to making songs with other producers?

our chemistry is really different compared to when I work with other producers. Me and BasedHoezer have known each other for a long time so the chemistry for music has gotten stronger. We sit there and go back and forth on ideas until the beat is made. I don’t have much input becuase he’s good at what he does but ill tell him what direction I’m tryna go. if I hear a sound in my head he brings it to life. Some producers don’t really care, over the Internet they just want money. I’m glad I was able to actually meet my brother BasedHoezer and create our own sound.

4. Tell me about Plant Gang, when did it form and who are the other members?

Plant Gang is my team and my label. It started about 4 years ago in my friends backyard one of them was like “damn we smoke so much weed…plant gang!” At that time I was working with another producer so we decided to rep that through our music. It was composed of people who didn’t make music and people that did. As of now the current members are me,BasedHoezer,Halfmanhalftree,
ZoneyMoog,Gnarbucks, Big Chent$ and Moondawg. Half of us reside in Tucson the other half in San Diego (Halfman,Zoney,) Gnar is still in New York doing his thing.

5. Where are you from, and what is the rap scene like there?

I’m originally from Cancun Quintanaroo,Mexico but been in Tucson, Arizona since the age of 3. The rap music scene is barely getting started here to be honest. It’s been around but it’s still under developed pretty much in its early stages still. There’s been one guy (Pike Romero) that constantly pushes to create dope events and even threw a festival. Besides that there is a lot of different styles of rap and there is also rock bands out here.

6. Who aside from yourself would you say is making waves right now?

There’s some people in Phoenix doing it forsure. Free Bouji he was getting a lot of attention and did a song with Famous Dex before he got locked up. Shout out to everyone working keep it going much love.

7. What’s next for you, any upcoming songs/projects/shows coming up people should know about?

What’s next for me is some visuals for songs off my latest project. I’ve had people ask me to drop videos so I’m getting to it. Im gonna try to collab with more artist hopefully someone major too. I’m also gonna be more consistent in dropping music so if you fuck with me keep a look out!

8. Any shout outs to conclude?

Big shouts out to Chris & 108Mics and my brother BasedHoezer. Also shout out to all of my fans all y’all some fuking pimps turn up!!!!!

Listen to Self Explan on Soundcloud. Follow him on Twitter at @SelfExplan_.

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