Interview #37: Isaac LaRue

Souless and NICE TAPES member Isaac is capable more than anyone else in his league of producing emotive, challenging music that works impressively both instrumentally and with the former collective’s array of dope rappers. We talked about the beginnings of his production career, the music that he’s most proud of making, and the stuff he … Continue reading Interview #37: Isaac LaRue

Interview #36: revenxnt

Easily one of the most passionate, dedicated and hardest-working producers I’ve come across in my time running this blog, revenxnt’s enormous knowledge of the genres he adores makes every production he commits to a flawless piece of music. Between executive production and beat tapes, as well as collaborations with the likes of Da$h and Grimm … Continue reading Interview #36: revenxnt

Interview #35: yeoj

A UVCBLOODREALM producer and a master of uber-melodic production, Yeoj put together his first tape earlier this year. After proving that his beats can suit a wide variety of styles and flows, he is doubtless in the running for bigger and better placements as the years go by. We talked about his upcoming tape, his … Continue reading Interview #35: yeoj

Review #11: SeKwence – Budget Cuts 2

A mere three weeks after dropping DA HIGHED UP TAPE, SeKwence is back with another project. A sequel to 2017’s BUDGET CUTS with mega-producer Killer Kane, this tape continues the duo’s incredible chemistry with even more satisfying results. ‘Choppin’ Block’ kicks things off wonderfully, Sek skewers the murky beat with his barbed lyrics: ‘Man I … Continue reading Review #11: SeKwence – Budget Cuts 2

Interview #34: ntvrme

Underrated Souless producer and maker of beautiful music ntvrme has been on my interview list for a while, so it’s good we finally did this. We talked about influences, favourite music and what’s next for his career. 1. You have a bunch of beautiful songs on Soundcloud, and now two on Spotify. Did you select … Continue reading Interview #34: ntvrme

Interview #32: BDB $uff

Souless producer $uff dropped one of 2018’s best projects back in February in BIMBO, and just last week dropped the HIGHED UP tape with SeKwence. It’s honestly crazy that we’ve just now linked up for an interview. We talked about his favourite productions, influences and upcoming music. 1. BIMBO is still in my top projects … Continue reading Interview #32: BDB $uff