iloveyouoxxy! is one of the dopest artists I’ve discovered through starting this blog. His hoarse yet melodic rasp, amazing ear for beats and extremely strong pen have made him a major star in the community and he’s only destined to go up. For our interview, oxxy suggested that he also ask me some questions and so it is my pleasure to bring you the first 108MICS double interview.

1. Firstly, I’d like to ask how long you’ve been rapping? Your Soundcloud goes back a mere 11 months, but your sound on recent tracks like ‘REVENGE’ and ‘WIN OR LOSE’ is so fully realised I would guess you’ve been in this shit for a minute?

oxxy: I’ve been rapping since the summer of ‘13. i started taking it serious in ‘16. i’ve been actively rebranding my soundcloud till i feel comfortable with it.

o: Where are you based out of? From my knowledge you’re not from the Americas?

That’s correct yeah I’m English! I think people I connect with for interviews aren’t always aware of that, so our interactions always end up more complicated than they would be if I was American LMAO.

2. Who or what would you say most influences you to make music? I definitely hear some Robb Banks in your sound.

o: You nailed it on the head. Robb Banks is my biggest influence but in saying that i’d have to mention Lil Wayne, Young Thug, & recently Gunna. When i get in a writers block, i’ll start listening to Tame Impala, XXYYXX, or Purity Ring. I listen to all kinds of music.

o: What’s it like in England? I can only imagine they have a very wide variety in their scene. In what ways would you say the music scene in the America’s differs from the scene in England?

England is rainy as fuck and the political climate is tense as fuck but that’s not what you’re asking me I guess LOL. I’m from Sheffield and I honestly wouldn’t want to be from anywhere else, I’ve always felt most comfortable there. Music wise the scene isn’t so diverse, hip-hop was a largely unexplored genre in mainstream music for many years and it’s only the whole Boy Better Know/Stormzy/J Hus resurgence that’s made people pay attention again. There’s a whole bunch of talented people in that scene, but it’s just not really my thing. Other than that we have UK drill which to me really sucks but again, this is just shit I would never chose to listen to. We will likely never have a breakout star the likes of which Canada saw with Drake and the US saw with Migos/Cardi B/Post Malone. I think that’s probably for the best though, British rappers have in the past jumped on American waves far too eagerly and it’s usually just been pretty embarrassing.

3. You have songs with a ton of producers, but who has been your favourite to work with? I’m partial to to your collaborations with Jack Kane, personally.

o: My favorite producers to work with are @iKnowShellz, @plugmeintezz, @fucmarty & @jack_kane19 as of recently. Me & Jack are a deadly combo fr.

o: Where did the name 108mics come from?

It’s from a Cannibal Ox song titled ‘Iron Galaxy’. I used to be heavy into that sort of stuff and I still think The Cold Vein is an amazing album. Even if I stop fucking with the album eventually I’m still glad I chose the name because I think it sounds dope as fuck.

4. Your recent release, the #OXX EP, was a nice release with some slick flows and production. Do you have any more releases on the way?

o: I have a lot of releases coming up. i plan to flood the scene with my music until something sticks. all quality music. I actually dropped a track today (10/3/18) with Jack “Fade to Black”.

o: When did you first want to start covering music and other forms of art? Is this something you’ve been doing for awhile? Possibly even want a full time career out of it?

I have always wanted to write about music, well since I was like 13/14 anyway. I was wary about starting a blog because I felt fairly unknowledgable compared to those I encountered online, but I stayed true to what I knew best and eventually people started fucking with me I guess. I started the website a little over 14 months ago, the Twitter I have now has been with me for like a year. Considering how much I enjoy writing, blogging as a career would be an ideal scenario for me but I know it’s not a realistic one for many people. I can always dream though!

5. You’ve had your projects hosted by SWUICE & Prestigious. Who else is killing the hosting/exclusives scene at the moment?

o: The best DJ’s & Hosting to get rn is: @AsToldByMeagan, @SWUICE @UNDERGROUNDV4MP, @Plu99ed_In , @DEADLASTrecords + there’s a few more i’m forget but y’all know you are.

o: Who are some of the best people you’ve interviewed?

Shit ok, well if you mean best musically then ain’t no doubt SeKwence, Dots, Barry, Larry, Yeezy, Cambank$, Dari Loso, LZA, Herme$, Big J, Max Exodus, sameflannel, Jack Kane would be my favourites rappers (some of them also produce) and Pie$, Stevie Durag, Killer Kane, Klsr (hold tight UK), Joel, Ruci & Psychodelic would be the best producers (some of them also rap). I enjoy every single interview I’ve done, If i didn’t mention you pls don’t trip u know I love you. Also shout out sixcellphones, he gave me one of my best interviews and he’s an amazing designer, he did my site’s new logo.

6. Do you have any dream collaborations? Anyone you’re looking to reach out to?

o: Right now, I’m working on trying to reach out to @hellasketchers, @RobbBanks, @KEVINPOLLARI + a few others for my album.

o: In your opinions, who’s killing the scene overall? Both in the America’s & in England?

Souless is the best group out. I’m gonna interview noface, Suff, Isaac, ntvrme as soon as I can. Also free UNCLE BITXHES we need him back on Twitter. XL Cartel, BMB, Horror Posse are some other dope collectives. S/o Wavami, yourself, Lil Shies, $moke, Sly, Alpine, Donny, Dlanham, Baby Gucci, Lil Disceased, Trenchboi Kese, Liquid Snake. I’ve definitely forgotten so many people BUT if I follow you on Twitter your music is fucking dope and I appreciate you.

7. How long have you been designing cover art? Your work is amazing and I want people to really realise that.

o: I haven’t even been making cover art for a year yet. I got scammed last year by a guy & ever since i said i’d do it myself.

o: Do you have a favorite genre? Are you biased against that or any other genres?

I actually used to be more of a metal/hardcore punk type guy but I got bored of that. I still dabble, but what I listen to now is 90% hip-hop. I’m def not biased at all, I’ll try anything once.

8. Finally, I wanted to ask you about your hometown and if living there has impacted the way you create music and art? Also, are there any people you’d like to shout out?

o: My hometown of Fayetteville, NC had impacted me in one way when talking about my music. That i can NEVER STAY LOCAL. Fayetteville music scene is honestly pitiful. No variation & everyone wants to be like J. Cole. I don’t think they even know of the underground we are active in. & if they knew about it they’d be overwhelmed. this is a different playing field. I’d like to s/o all my family at deadlast, including @dawszn & @AsToldByMeagan. S/o my girl, & my mom who recently got into a very critical car accident. & everyone who supports me. like i just started hitting my 1000+ plays on my tracks & honestly that is the craziest thing to me. it’s an accomplishment on its own so thank you.

o: Is there any big things we can expect from the 108mics name?

Well aside from tryna expand my reader base by interacting with different artists on Twitter and covering different rapper’s discographies on my blog, I don’t have any major plans. I’d love to start a podcast eventually, I really think that would be fun. I just need the time and materials to do so. I’ve got a whole bunch of interviews queued up and I’m going to continue dropping playlists and exclusive songs in order to put as many great artists on as I can.

This has been real fun to do, shout out you oxxy for this opportunity. Shoutout my girl for being the best, I love you.

Listen to oxxy on Soundcloud. Follow him on Twitter at @iloveyouoxxy.

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