SOUTHERNGAWDMOBB member Lil Disceased has been on my radar for a minute, I’m a big fan of his dark, abrasive approach to rapping. We linked on this interview to discuss his major influences, his upcoming work, and those he thinks are killing the game as hard as he is.

1. Your new joint ‘Trappin Out da Tombs’ over a Stevie Durag beat is hard as hell, you two seem like you have some amazing chemistry. What other producers do you feel you work best with?

Working with Stevie Durag is cool, definitely would enjoy doing more together but honestly, i feel like i make the best stuff with Lil Trvsh, BMB Loko Los, and Krxxk. Obviously there’s more people i feel id make incredible music with.

2. I included ‘Murder Scene’ on one of my playlists, that song is damn nasty. Where do you find inspiration for this horror-inspired style of rap? I know you said you admired death metal album art the other day so I would guess that was an influence of sorts.

In all honesty murder scene was completely inspired by my past, there’s quite a few lines in there correlating to it and i had a really troubled past so naturally talking about it helped the layout of the song, but yeah i definitely am inspired by Death Metal and really the entire “Metal” Genre in general, some of my favorite music stems from people like Pantera, Slayer, Crowbar, Slipknot, Cannibal Corpse, Hatebreed and many more.

3. How long have you been a member of SOUTHERGAWTHMOBB? It’s a collective seemingly full of really talented people.

Me and Lil Trvsh are the original members/founders of SGM (SouthernGawthMobb) we were originally known as SouthernGawthBoys seeing as how we only really made music with each other but we met LZA and Trenchboi Kese and expanded it out, Now we have Me (Lil Disceased) Lil Trvsh, Trenchboi Kese, SinisterSchuyler, TripleSixHomicide (666_666_6666), Thorns, and Kane. LZA decided to cut from SGM as he felt he wasn’t really fit for the group, but it’s all love and we are still affiliated through Triple1Mobb. I’m proud of where SGM has gotten and the raw talent from each and every member.

4. Who would you most like to rap alongside if given the chance? I’ve enjoyed every collaboration you’ve done so far, especially your hook ups with LZA & Baby Gucci.

As far as “Underground” music goes i try to work with everyone i want too, obviously some people believe in having to buy verses but for the most part i’ve worked with who i wanted, Id love to work more with LZA and BabyGucci, but right now id like to set up work with Suavi Gualla, Lil Lowlife, Lil G, Sol Faneto (we got something in the works), Taco El, Zach Rabbit, Hi-C, Murph (a song that actually gets dropped and not forgotten about), Cowboykillerr, and really whoever i feel takes this shit serious and makes good music, i like to push the limit and expand my sound. Dream collabs obviously Black Kray (quite frankly anyone from GMR), Bones (again, really anyone from SHWB), Spaceghostpurrp, Sade (an all time favorite), Eminem even though he’s washed now it’d still be dope, Juicy J, and fuck it why not some country stars? Luke Bryan, Darius Rucker, Johnny Cash, etc. My music is very broad so my list of “dream” collabs could go on forever.

5. You have a huge amount of projects so far and they’re all dope. The STICKBOY EP might be my favourite though, it’s got a crazy set of producers. What will your next project be?

Id like to think yeah i have a pretty good discography of music even with all the unreleased shit, but honestly right now i’ve been taking it easy, right now the plan is Trench Muzic 3: CALM BEFORE THE STORM (All produced by Lil Trvsh) and id like to make a double sided tape kinda with Trench Muzic 3: THE AFTERMATH (produced by Krxxk) , but sadly i have not started those tapes yet. Besides that i’ve been sending Trvsh stuff to sample for a project that’s solely based on Civil War songs, WW1/2 songs and whatever else i can find, i want to push the envelope as far as sound goes and i’d like to say i have a good ear for samples and what works. Just keep an eye out i’m always trying to stay consistent and make new sounds.

6. Where exactly are you from? Is the scene there strong and do you do many shows?

I am from a small town called Madison Georgia, the real dirtysouth, a place where everyone knows everyone basically, there is no scene here, there’s some local artists but no one takes them serious and their music sounds generic (no offense) i am the scene i am the only one here making any sort of noise and honestly i’m not doing shit lol, i live in the middle of nowhere i’ve had two neighbors my entire life and i’m surrounded by nothing but the woods and good ole mother nature, so yeah i really rep the “Sticks” but honestly i don’t do many shows, i’ve had 4 total all based in Atlanta (roughly an hour away) and honestly i don’t reach out or go out of my way to do shows, it’s fun and it helps but i’m focused on myself, the music. Shows come with a lot of bullshit and egotistical artists who think they’re popping and “rockstars” so i tend to cool it where i’m at and make music.

7. How long have you been rapping and who/what inspired you to start?

I’ve been rapping since 2015, took it seriously late 2016 though. At first i did the basic freestyles and i didn’t have a set up at all, in fact most of my work dating from 2015/early 2016 was recorded off a turtle beach headset in the back of a pick up truck into Audacity. I made the best with what i had, people thought my music was a joke and i knew i had potential i knew i could do more and make unique music unlike everyone else these days, so i pushed myself. But honestly early on, Raider Klan, SHWB, Lil B, Metro Zu, Ruben Slikk, Bone Thugz n Harmony, Three Six Mafia, and artists like those really paved the way. To me, to enjoy an artist i have to feel a connection, i have to feel like they genuinely care maybe if they even truly don’t, this new wave bullshit really breaks someone like me down you know? Music is so simplified now and anyone can do anything, what happened to the competition??? Now everyone is a clone, i hope this scene dies down so the ones like me who are stuck at the bottom struggling and itching for an opportunity can shine. We taking back the underground

8. Who is killing it in the rap game right now? Put me on to some dope shit.

Obviously i’m gone say anyone from SouthernGawthMobb, but honestly Dretti Franks, Cowboykillerr/R1, Suavi Gualla/ No+Body, Murph, Hi-C, Darth Roach, my boy Yagi (#longlivesensei), Yung Flex/DEATHCAMP, Big Pete, Most the guys from Undaworld Records, DEADGXD, Killvh Kvniz, Lih Bruja, EVILLAIRE, Hermes, K_xtic, Scumpapi333.. there’s a lot of talent rn in the game just watch what i share, i usually show support to anyone i fuck with. Also two more killing it in the game rn, Wavy $ Records and Niggra94 both are very talented emcees/producers

9. Any shoutouts to conclude? Appreciate you for doing this my man.

First of all shoutout to my girlfriend Courtney, she seriously has been with me since day one and she’s never been scared to tell me the truth and tell me what to improve on and for that i’m eternally grateful. S/O all the bro’s from SGM y’all family our time is soon believe me, S/O everyone from BMB mad love to all dem, S/O my atlanta family putting on Triple3Cult much love, S/O NO+BODY they really getting they shyne dey deserve it, S/O R1, S/O murph , S/O OG SCORP, S/O my momma i love her till the day i drop, S/O YUNG FLEX man really shoutout anyone who reading this forreal, i keep it real i got love for anyone who show support.

Listen to Lil Disceased on Soundcloud. Follow him on Twitter at @lildisceased.

Photo by Trail Mix

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