A UVCBLOODREALM producer and a master of uber-melodic production, Yeoj put together his first tape earlier this year. After proving that his beats can suit a wide variety of styles and flows, he is doubtless in the running for bigger and better placements as the years go by. We talked about his upcoming tape, his inspirations, and what else he has planned for his career. It’s also his birthday, so wish him a good one!

1. What was your biggest inspiration to begin producing?

My biggest inspiration was probably just listening to music in general. artists like travis especially who have great production kinda just caught my ear and made me wnat to be able to do something like that

2. How long have you been producing for? I think the progression in your work is evident so I’d assume at least a few years.

i’ve been producing for only about a little less than 4 months, but i used to make samples and melodies for a year or so before that

3. What do you think is the best song you’ve produced to date? Can be released or unreleased.

my favorite song that i’ve produced is unreleased right now and is going to be on my upcoming tape, kevin kazi is the artist

4. Your next project drops soon, and you recently announced the artists that will appear on there. What can we expect from this tape?

if u listened to my first tape then my second tape will be noticeably different. i tried to go for a more melodic and smooth vibe with the artists and production, compared to my first tape which was sort of just a mashup of different sounds

5. Who would you like to work with that you havent had a chance to yet?

i wanna work with ronsocold and especially tracy soon for sure

6. Do you have any further musical plans, what should we expect from you in the new year?

after this tape my plans are to try and link up with more artists around my area and to work on getting to the next level with my sound

7. Where are you from, and are you heavily involved in the scene of that place?

i’m from south florida, naples which is a small to medium sized city that really doesn’t have much a music scene but is starting to with artists like dominic fike blowing up

8. What are your interests outside of music, do you have a favourite film or cartoon?

i love watching horror movies honestly lmao. but other than that i’ve just been focused with school cuz i’m still a senior in high school

9. Are there any shoutouts you’d like to do to conclude?

shoutout to every artist on my tape coming out, shoutout to UVC and @Carssere and @AsToldByMeagan

Listen to yeoj on Soundcloud. Follow him on Twitter at @ihateyeoj.

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