Easily one of the most passionate, dedicated and hardest-working producers I’ve come across in my time running this blog, revenxnt’s enormous knowledge of the genres he adores makes every production he commits to a flawless piece of music. Between executive production and beat tapes, as well as collaborations with the likes of Da$h and Grimm Doza, revenxnt is well on his way to becoming one of this generation’s greats. He’s also a really nice, down to earth guy with a lot of love for those that fuck with him.

1. Your production is often super rich and soulful, I’d guess that you had a deep interest in jazz and soul growing up?

niggas grew up wit eastside hip hop & anybody else who was talking they shit on the mic or putting out gritty beats. jazz & soul music was always heard also & i gained a full appreciation once i started producing. but ion kategorize my beats in any way kuz it jus a reflection of me at the end of the day.

2. You have dropped two really dope collaborative EP’s on Soundcloud, one with Adonis and one with Grimm Doza. You also have multiple beat collabs with Doza, would you say he is one of your favourite artists to work with? I can definitely hear the chemistry in every drop.

yeah that’s slime, he my brother both wit this music shit & in life. whether it be beats niggas kollab on or him rapping over mine, we gon make krack every time. it’s 3 unreleased beat tapes we got koming soon enough.

3. You entirely produced two of this year’s best tapes in Pronounced With Regret and If It Ain’t Broke Don’t Fixxx It, there’s definitely something special about those projects. Are you planning to work with anyone else as executive producer?

it a handful of niggas i’m kurrently working wit on full projects but i kan’t speak on exactly who for now. i kan say that i got a produer tape lined up on the side, featuring a list of rappers but it gon be some time before that komes to light.

4. How long have you been a member of Souless and are there any more collabs between you and other members on the way?

keep it a stack ion een remember but shout out my nigga ruci, we got a beat tape on the way.

5. How did you come to work with Da$h? The joints you guys have together are amazing.

ain’t nun more than speaking to the right people at the right time. good looks tho that nigga be talking his shit on my beats.

6. You drop a lot of beat tapes, and they’re all beautiful. What’s your favourite piece of music that you’ve put together so far?

konsidering i done worked on 26 beat tapes & 500+ beat since i started producing, it be hard to pick what’s my favorite but my favorite shit is beats i ain’t even released yet. allat koming soon tho. as for released, my favorite beat tape prolly my kerosene tape. the beats was a mix of my own style along wit experimenting & finding new elements to work into the shit i was already doing. this next beat tape i’m finna drop is on the same shit, but the experimental factor even higher this time around.

7. You recently shot the visual for ‘Ancient Swag Freestyle’ by Grimm Doza and it looks incredible. Will you be directing any other videos?

good looks i appreciate it. the work never stop so it more videos on the way wit a few different niggas, jus know erything i got in play is krack.

8. Do you have any favourite producers? Put me on to some shit of equal calibre to your own, if possible.

some of the producers i fuck wit heavy is v’don, hnic, the alchemist, ls. xxxx, earl sweatshirt, grimm doza, tuamie, camoflauge monk, antwon carrera, sean o’connell, wiardon, dead hippie. but the list too long & i know too many talented mfs doing they shit.

9. Cheers for this interview bro, been looking to do one for a minute. Anybody you’d like to shout out?

off rip shout out my shorty for holding it down & keeping a nigga going. also to erybody else that kept it ten toes wit a nigga & shown support. that type shit never get overlooked.

Listen to revenxnt on Soundcloud. Follow him on Twitter at @revenxnt96.

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