Master of melody Lil Drank has been doing his thing in the scene for a minute with a series of dope singles and a nice EP with BROKE CHIC. His fanbase took a major hit when he unexplained suspension forced him to change Twitter accounts, so if you’re reading this and fuck with his music its extra important you drop him a follow!

1. How long have you been making music? Your songs are very tight melodic bangers and I’d say you’ve all but perfected that style.

Ive been makin music since 2014, but that style was so different from what im doing now; i really put alot of time into developing this sound specifically. So, thank you very much for the compliment.

2. Where are you from, and is there a large hip-hop scene there?

I’m from Hamden, CT, issa small suburb of New Haven CT. Theres a scene in almost every city or major city of Connecticut, i love it. Things have warmed up alot over the last year or 2.

3. Who are your influences, or favourite artists that inspire your work?

My favorite artists during the time i was originally getting into creating and expressing my thoughts were Groups like Wu Tang clan and Pro Era, people like MF doom, capital steeze Kid cudi, curren$y, wiz, wayne, …so many great artists. I’d say they all inspired me throughout the years for sure.

4. Around 6 months ago, you dropped your #FREEDRANK project which was produced by and had a feature from BROKE CHIC. He also produced your single ‘CHASE’, is there another EP or tape from you guys on the way?

Absolutely, thats my brotha. I spent the last like 6 or 7 months out in MA creating with him and the whole gang out there; of course theres gonna be another tape with BROKE for sure. Soon too.

5. Your exclusive songs for AsToldByMeagan are always really dope. How did you two start doing business together?

I met her on twitter and then i met her at a show, she showed belief in me, my sound, my work ethic and my goals since day 1 and has come though for me in so many ways. Shes really there for me like a mom thats why i call her my Momager or just Mom.

6. Having your Twitter suspended must have been really lame, what motivates you to keep promoting yourself as an artist when such large chunks of your fanbase has disappeared as a result of Twitter’s policies?

Man…that was the worst shit to happen to me regarding this music shit in a long time. Ive lost projects, lost followers due to dumb shit or my own actions…but to wake up, just after getting 3k pretty much, and being suspended with no explanation or response regarding it from twitter…was bullshit.
But, its something im gonna just overcome, and has given me a new appreciation for those who were and are still there, but it was a setback for sure. Make sure to follow my new Twitter @LilDrankery !

7. What’s the next move for you musically, will we see another project before the end of the year?

Yeah for sure, theres gonna be another project before the new year, and another in early 2019. Alot of music is gonna be coming. A new consistency.

8. Are there any collabs on the way that people might not expect to hear?

Just some features with people outside my direct camp, gotta stay tuned to really peep but trust me you wont be disappointed.

9. Would you like to give any shoutouts or promote anything you got going on?

I wanna shoutout my fucking team; Hell age, Freeworld, Ghetto grunge, ATB, my GB homies, my 617 homies, my boy Triple Beam, David Walker, Hixci, Packy, all the plugs who take cash app, all the women out there, shoutout condoms, and FUCK TWITTER WITTA BIG DICK, Ganggang. NewAge Shit UAKWTFGO.

Listen to Drank on Soundcloud. Follow him on Twitter at @LilDrankery.

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