A producer that focuses his craft on creating beautiful melodies, Deceased is an up and comer responsible for making one of the year’s best beats and for consistently displaying his production talents through a series of gorgeous instrumental joints. We talked about influence, dream collaborations and upcoming releases.

1. I first got put on to you through your production on LZA’s ‘Unforgiven Soulja’, which had an absolutely amazing beat. Would be great to hear you two working together again, any plans for that?

Oh yeah we got another song that’s soon to drop the flow matches so perfectly on the beat I’m surprised he hasn’t dropped it yet.

2. Who has been your favourite rapper to collaborate with so far? You certainly got good chemistry with Vision4K.

Visions great to work with but, tbh my favorites gotta be LZA he matches perfectly on my beats we got more shit on the way.

3. Do you have upcoming placements we should be looking out for?

Lil yawhh and LZA that’s its so far I rarely send out placements only to the homies tbh but imma get on my grind and start sending out more.

4. What artists what you like to work with that you haven’t already?

Kevin Kazi
Dham Lee
David Shawty
Black Kray especially that’s my dream collab

5. Who influenced your production style? its very diverse, so I’d expect a significant list.

Definitely Cryjng very big influence on my melody game.

6. What specifically inspired you inspired you to begin producing, and how long have you been doing it?

I’ve always loved listening to beats when i was younger and when I got older I was like wait I can do this shit so I started making beats. I’ve been producing since November of 2017 so almost a year but definitely didn’t start taking it serious til March of 2018.

7. The Drugs n More EP you just dropped has some really nice stuff, especially the song of the same name. Are there any other projects from you on the way?

No not really, I hope to do a Deceased n Friends ep soon with all my artist homies but we’ll see.

8. Are there any shoutouts you’d like to give to cap this off?

Ay Shoutout LZA,SixCellPhones, Brraulio his art game goes so stupid. also shoutout my twin Dham Lee he’s coming up

Listen to Deceased on Soundcloud. Follow him on Twitter at @Scavenger.

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