BMB super-producer SCREW MANE FLAME might just be one of the nastiest producers ever. His lush yet undeniably grimey beats are truly unique, making him ideal for 108MICS’ ethos. Enjoy this interview, where we discuss his past work, his upcoming collaborations, and the reason he started making beats (and rapping) in the first place.

1. When I think of that dark, oppressive beat sound that’s so popular these days, you’re one of the first that I think of. Who was the biggest influence on your style?

Kanye inspired me to make beats at first , I never intended to make dark beats. I just put my soul into the music and it just turned out like that. I guess I have a dark soul lol.

2. You’ve produced songs for SGP, CHXPO, Taco El, 5G, Yung Mojo, Amber London and many more. Who has been your favourite rapper to work with?

Without a doubt Amber London. She’s different from other female rappers with a refreshing point of view. She trilla than most of these niggas tbh.

3. ‘Shopping Mall Massacre’ might actually be my favourite beat you’ve done, it’s a little different but so fucking dope. What Tame Impala song is sampled there?

I don’t even kno ,all I kno is they got some cool music and S/O Dari Loso bro went hard on that track

4. How long have you been a part of BMB, were you one of the first members? You guys are really making timeless underground rap right about now.

I been down with BMB since December 2015. I sent SGP beats in November but I made dem in May of that year. My homie Cipher Blade told me to send him beats. I did and the rest is history

5. You’ve got a lot of really amazing tapes on Spotify, like Triple Ecstasy Fantasy (a beautiful instrumental tape) and Dark Side Of A Red Moon, which features you rapping. Did you start producing or rapping first and which do you prefer doing?

I started off rapping since I was 10 then after high school I started engineering & Producing. I like producing more because I serve a better purpose and make way more money

6. You recently said on Twitter that you don’t fuck with Soundcloud and Spotify is superior for uploading/discovering music. Would you suggest that people keep up with you on paid streaming services instead of Soundcloud? It seems like that’s where your best content is, for the most part.

I never really fucked with SoundCloud tbh. SoundCloud is fucked up but artist don’t see that cus they only see clout. Ok imma break it down. You pay SoundCloud $16 a month to upload unlimited music but get non to minimum wage and only one platform to make money. On the other hand uploading your music to distrokid is a range from $20 -$80 a year get put on multiple platforms and reach a larger audience. And have a better chance of getting paid more. So which one would you pick? I think everyone stuck on SoundCloud cus it birth so many artists including myself but all good things must come to a end.

7. Any plans for a new project soon? Would be cool to hear a tape with a load of different rappers on it.

Imma put out hella music out that all imma say

8. Do you and Purrp have anything else in the works? You two always have flawless collabs.

I got a shit load of music with purrp. It’s gon be fuckin ridiculous when we drop

9. Who would you like to work with that you haven’t already, if anyone?

I wanna work with Drake

10. Big thanks for doing this shit my man, and sorry about the delay? Anything else you wanna say before we wrap up?

I just wanna say everybody keep dark positive energy ✌🏿

Listen to SCREW MANE on Soundcloud. Follow him on Twitter at @SCREWMANEFLAME.

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