Liquid Snake is a consistently great artist that I’ve followed for some time. His skills in both rapping and songwriting have carried him a long way, and I hope everybody who reads this discovers something they find appealing about his music.

1. Every new drop from you is something different. ‘Jaded’ is smooth as fuck and a real nice, chill listen while ‘Death Direction’ (dropped via my Soundcloud) is a hard banger of a track. Although your music tends to sound more like the latter, there’s a good split that makes your content diverse and highly enjoyable. Which of these styles is more natural and enjoyable for you?

Personally I’d say the darker style just comes a little more natural, I tend to write or record when I’m in a type of mood or feeling a certain vibe. So like with “Jaded” it was really spur of the moment, I was going through beats from 2giygas & I came across the beat for Jaded & I started writing at 3AM finished recording at 5AM. But usually it’s the darker more intense tracks because I can freestyle my verses.

2. Thank you again for sending me that new track ‘Serpent Symphony’, that one went crazy and fit perfectly within the sound I was going for for my tape. What’s the next track you’re planning to drop?

Me & TwoFo are always loading up tracks to work anymore I’ve been in a slump so I have to send him some music personally I’d like more with my collective, but in the meantime, the next beat I’m tackling is a W.O.D beat, might even get Lil Deceased for a hyped up hook.

3. Your songs with Twofo always slap, especially ‘The Ritual’ which was the first song I heard from you. Do you two have any more material ready to release?

As I was mentioning before I didn’t see this question but we always have some work loaded up. He always seems ready to make something shake, & he’s always hitting the studio shoutout TwoFo & Chicago. I’ll be sending him more soon. With very rare production. Shoutout Virgxti too ik he waiting.

4. Who is your favourite producer to work with? You’ve got a whole bunch of different collabs including SLAVERY, Screw Mane & 2nd Giygas.

That’s a hard question to answer but it’d have to be 2giygas at this moment we’ve been doing a lot of work & he’s really has some understated production. Really could be like movie shit alot of the time. I’d love more work with any & all those producers though of course naturally. Shoutout Keenanza as well always. He’s a legend & he gave me the beats to one of my 1st songs off love, I’d be stoked to work with him more now that I’ve found my style. & Of course Purrp, & I’ve been hearing a lot more Krxxk. Idk man producers are just so crazy innovative, hard to choose one at any time as you can see from a lot of my credits.

5. We’ve yet to see a full length project from you, is something along those lines in the works?

Creating a full organized body of work seems to be an issue of mine I tend to lose focus. It’s very hard for me to have something I like that sounds cohesive or to even hold my music that long ; but yes I’m trying to get a full tape out Jaded being a single off of it. Hopefully I can really get this shit off the ground. I tend to lack drive sometimes & that’s my own fault. But I’m always trying to improve.

6. Why did you choose the name Liquid Snake? Have you always been a big fan of the Metal Gear Solid franchise?

As a kid I remember having MGS2 to be honest I was ass & never even made it past the Tanker level so I never got to the twist in that game. But it was always a sweet series & I played a bit of 4. & the most recent game. I like anything with a good plot line so, it’s always had my attention. I used to rap under Squints because that’s been my nickname since childhood, but one day I found this other rapper online & he just had the bigger name. So that was a wrap for that I had to choose something new, nobody was willing to give me serious suggestions. So I chose something that I felt represented my flow, very smooth & fluid almost effortless sometimes especially freestyling. I’m Liquid Snake the imperfect clone of my better half. It fits all too well.

7. Where are you from? Are you able to link with any fellow artists and associates IRL?

I was raised in Colorado, but long story short ended up on Wyoming around highschool time. For a long time I figured me simply just living here would prevent me from being taken serious. Somehow (& I haven’t hid where I’m at) with a joke of a scene around me I call it the Strange Music runoff. I’ve been found out. Unfortunately no. I’d love to because my IRL presence is way better than on the net. Alot of people live on the east coast or in the south besides deceased who I think is out in Cali & me. So who I link with 1st is a tossup but what people need to understand I when I start traveling & linking in person & putting in work that’s when I’ll really start going crazy. It’s absolutely crucial they get that.

8. What/who inspired you to rap? I can’t place anything familiar about your flow which to me means you are definitely a stand out artist.

The first time I recall wanting to rap me & my friends all wrote one in like 4th grade. I think for me it was just a way to spill my feelings & I’ve always had that gift of gab or a way with words good or bad. I’m definitely influenced by Earl Sweatshirt, SPM, Kanye, & Lil Wayne my top 4 of course. I got heavy into Raider Klan & SGP after my sophomore year in highschool so I can’t say I’m also not a student of the underground. As far as how I articulate that I’d rather be the guy somebody is compared to than be compared.

9. Glad we did this interview, I been meaning to hyu about it for a minute. Anything you wanna say to cap off?

I’d just like to say shoutout LZA he’s always pushing me to improve my style & sound. Shoutout BMB a lot of them really been around since the jump as well. Big thank you to all the supporters & just anyone who see’s any potential in me. I wanna work with hella artists & producers in the future & I can’t wait to get out this place because it’s artistically stifling. & Shoutout 108Mics for the love from England. Hope you plug ya friends in we trying to be global.

Listen to Snake on Soundcloud. Follow him on Twitter at @Lqd_Snake97.

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