Houston producer Lil Trvsh is another extremely talented SOUTHERNGAWTHMOBB member whose flair for oppressive beats has kept him on my radar for a minute. He filled me in about his favourite artists to work with, his future plans and the moods he tries to create with his music.

1. Would you consider yourself a rapper or producer primarily? Your voice can be heard on a number of songs including those on THE HELL EP, SWAMP MUSIK, LAST BREATH EP, BEYOND OMEGA LEVEL tape and BACK FROM THE DUNGEON EP with Lil Disceased, but recently it seems you’ve been more focused on making beats.

I’d consider myself a producer, but yeah I just started making beats this year n I love it n I’m sticking to it

2. You have produced a large number of tracks for other artists including your SGM associate Lil Disceased as well as Lih Bruja, Sol Faneto, SINISTERSCHUYLER and most recently Cowboy Killerr. Do you have a favourite artist to collaborate with?

My fav person to collab with rn is cowboykillerr hands down

3. What part did you play in the formation of SOUTHERNGAWTHMOBB, you and Disceased go way back I would assume?

We started SGM two years ago it was kinda a joke at first but it sounded good so we just ran with it and yeah me n disceased go way back

4. A lot of your beats are very subtle and have a lot of atmosphere about them. What moods do you aim to create when you produce in this way?

I try to create like a heavenly but dark mood if that makes sense like heavenly melody wit like hard ass drums

5. In your opinion, what is the best beat you have ever made?

It’s prolly unreleased tbh I couldn’t tell you

6. Would you ever rap over your own production and is there a reason that you haven’t before, from what I can tell?

I just like hearing ppl on my beats I just got tired of rapping

7. Has living in Houston impacted the way your career has took off? The history and culture of the city has always been interesting to me.

Nah not really but it is beautiful here in Houston

8. Do you have any plans for the future, any new projects/beat tapes on the way? Also would you like to give any shout outs?

My future projects include me n cowboykillerr collab tape called trvsh boy that’s dropping very soon and me m THE KHAN dropping a collab tape also and just be on the lookout for any singles that drop in the future

And id like to s/o my fam & the whole SGM , COWBOYKILLERR, LZA, KRXXK & KHAN , LIH BRUJA & everybody else who fw me 💪🏿💯🖤

Listen to Lil Trvsh on Soundcloud. Follow him on Twitter at @lil_trvsh.

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