For my first interview with Jake, follow this link!

1. Hey bro, good to do this again! Firstly I want to ask you about what you’ve been up to in the three months since our last interview, what would you say is the achievement you’re most proud of? I know you linking with Awake NY must have been pretty cool.

whats good bro! i been plottin these last few months. mostly just working on my brand and myself and the direction i wana go in. The Awake NY was def an experience. It was my first experience with any big company and it was super surreal to me bc of the chances of me being angelo baques intern. dude is definitely an inspiration to me. pre 2011 supreme is undefeated. so that was really cool but it unfortunately didnt work out but knowing their staff really liked my shit and got back to me was surreal as well. my achievement of what im most proud of is probably getting off my ass and starting this brand and starting to make clothes because this had been a dream of mine for as long as i can remember.

2. The art you did for Lil Xelly’s brenda had a baby project was so dope, it’s a really great take on the classic cover hip-hop cover concept. Did you come up with the creative direction together or did he give you some vague ideas to run with?

thank you bro i loved that cover so much. xelly hit me talking about he needs a cover for his new tape brenda had a baby. i kinda jus sat on that for a day or so n then came up with the idea to do a biggie rip. unfortunately, not the most creative thing ive done but i feel it looked amazing and was executed very well. also fit the vibe of the tape nice. i had a different view as far as text went but xelly was stuck on the block text i showed him and we were both really happy with the outcome.

3. Would you say your Xelly cover is one of the best pieces of art you’ve done so far? If not, do you have a new favourite that you’ve created over the last few months?

I dont think its one of my best but its probably my most popular joint. honestly as far as covers go i havent been snapping on those as of recent but im really proud of my sixcell bear crewneck. that seems to have gotten good feedback n i rlly fw it.


4. You seem to be more invested in making designs clothes at the moment, was there a reason for this switch towards merch?

honestly just got really burnt from making covers. i have a special love for making covers and cover arts but man it really god boring to me. even when i was getting paid i wasnt enjoying it. so that also kinda pushed me to start working on my clothes a bit more i guess.

5. What is the nicest merch design you’ve done so far, in your opinion? I’ve seen some crazy ones like the one you did for Josen.

i love the josen hoodie i made. like i said josen really like my big bro in this hes taught me a lot n gave me hella opportunities so shouts out jos. i also may have some merch in the works for two other rappers.. 💋?❄️?


6. Can you tell me about the new pieces you have dropping very soon? You know I’m gonna have to cop one of those.

of course bro! basically im working on a little first drop consisting of tees, longsleeves, crewnecks and hoodies. all fairly prices from $20-40. i really want my clothes to be accessible to people who want to cop. one of the designs is a collab with my man brrraulio. we def got more heat cooking for the future. i also got a lil polo rip joint n a gun club type design shirt. im really happy with how these designs came out and im really excited to release them!!


7. What else should we look out for from you? I’d love to see you go crazy with your own brand, but I assume a lot of people are gonna hit you up for designs in the future, your shit is too good to not start attracting even crazier attention.

I really want to start my own brand. Sixcellphones basically is lol, i mean for now. i dont really have any other names in mind lmao. In the future though, expect cut n sewn joints, custom shoes, embroidered joints n jus hella other things. my second drop gonna be colossal. i already got most of it planned out. as for other designs go, yeah im def still gonna be taking commissions for whatever, now more than ever just bc i need to fund my clothes. thank you for the compliment bro i appreciate it 💕

8. And finally bro, you can talk about anything else u got going on! Glad we did this second interview, been cool to catch up as always.

honestly bro thats about it for now. shit was super fun bro thank you. we’ll have to catch up in another three months and see where we are. lmao thank you again man. shoutout all my supporters, love yall

Jake’s clothes drop 14/12/18 right here!

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