SOUTHERNGAWTHMOBB member SINISTERSCHUYLER is another great rapper making dark, oppressive hip-hop. Using crushing production as his tool, SCHUYLER unleashes dope track after dope track and is one of the most exciting artists doing his style.

1. Where are you from? And what’s the underground scene like around there?

I’m from Lynchburg , VA. Tbh the scene here is completely dead. I kinda consider myself the only real underground artist (not even being cocky, its actually sad) , everyone else be remixing tyga songs n other wack mainstream shit lmao . Luckily I’m only like 2 hrs from Richmond tho an their scene is lit obviously with their roots wit Goth Money n what not. Shoutout to DeadGxd too .

2. How do you pronounce your name? I’m definitely saying it wrong LMAO.

My name is pronounced SKY•LER. I kno this is a huge misconception an we can thank my parents for that one lmao. So yea picture it as sinisterskyler from now on lol.

3. You’ve dropped quite a few EP’s including one entirely produced by Loko Los. Based on that and the recent ‘IN THA SUITE’, I’d say you two have the best chemistry of anyone you work with. Would you agree?

I do agree that a good portion of my strongest releases have been with Loko Los. I purchased my very first beat from him an after a couple songs he gave me his verbal approval that he fucked wit it so I jus naturally wanted to keep working with him . It’s just such a distinct sound that I think brings out some of my best flows. But I’ve come along way from the EP I did with him, that’s ironically one of my least favorite projects. All our singles since then have been classics.

4. What other artists and producers do you most enjoy working with? You got work with Lil Disceased, Lil Trvsh, KRXXK and more.

Mane I enjoy working with alotta people. Obviously all of SGM(Lil Trvsh on a killing spree wit the production), Loko Los , IAMPISSED, SOLVRFLVRE, SteveJobs2, KRXXK, Yung $krt and also Sleepinforyrs an I made some hits an wanna do more.

5. Your music is generally inspired by horror and darkness, is that something you’ve always been interested in?

As far as horror an darkness, I’ve literally always been interested. I remember watching the Halloween movies wit my mom when I was like 8 an staying up late watching SciFi back in the day when they actually played good movies . Luckily my mom always had some type of horror or ghost story shows/movies on. I’ve jus always had a interest for it . U know how people wanna watch shit like the Christmas story to make them happy at holidays ? That’s me watching house of 1000 corpses lmao. I love it. I’m Not gonna go too deep into it but I also jus have alotta hateful an negative thoughts towards the world so the darkness imagery in music allows me to vent a lot of those without being too literal. U can see it in my music since the beginning.

6. This new song you sent me for my comp tape is so dope, I can’t wait for people to hear that. What other stuff do you have in the works?

Im glad u liked the track mane, thank for the opportunity. I gotta lot of shit planned forreal. Got 2 tapes in the works, first being “Simplysoutherngawth” produced by Lil Trvsh which I’ve mentioned on Twitter. The other tape Is gonna be with IAMPISSED but it’s still a lil early for that. I also got some singles an features on the way an maybe even some other stuff so yall be on the lookout !

7. When will we hear another project from you? Your work is mad consistent and I know you can put together something special.

The next project yall hear will be between now and New Years, just depends on artwork an all those factors. I’m horrible at setting definite dates. But other people have features from me or songs so maybe something before then.

8. What part did you take in the formation of SOUTHERGAWTHMOBB? Are you able to hang with the other members when you make music?

Sadly I took zero part in the creation of SGM. After me doing some work with Lil Disceased they all decided to invite me into the group about 6 months ago I wanna say ? Forgive me I could be wrong, I be hi lmao. I’m grateful they did tho ,I feel that it was a perfect fit. But sadly we are not able to record together at the moment. Hopefully in the near future tho

9. Is there anything else you’d like to say? Hopefully I can put some more people on to your shit cos it really is too nice.

I jus wanna say shoutout all the REAL, TRUE supporters. Also Make sure u fucking wit people for the right reasons , I’m basically saying I see a lot of people following with no interaction,u kno what I mean ? I only follow people on any social media becuase I can see myself working with them or I just genuinely fuck with their content or art. Once again shoutout to SOUTHERNGAWTHMOBB for putting me on, shoutout all those producers I named, shoutout DEADGXD, SLEEPINFORYRS, ICXXY, an COWBOYKILLERR, they all killing shit.

Listen to SCHUYLER on Soundcloud. Follow him on Twitter at @sinisterschuylr.

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