Lil Devil is another bright star in the underground, a diverse artist whose new tape SLIME SCHOLARS proves that his musical ambitions are wider now than they ever have been. Enjoy this interview!

1. Where are you from, and what other artists in your area are doing it big for the underground right now?

The bay area, San Francisco, the only ppl I really see out here are my boys, throne, flexshomaru, yvng rob, dj ewock, game god, BMB rxmbo.

2. Why did you choose the name Lil Devil? Your music definitely has a dark edge to it so I can kind of see why.

My Moms gave me this nickname, she says I used to be a bad kid, mainly messing with other kids or taking candy, i have an ig picture from 1990-something it was also one of my favorite Halloween costumes as a young demon, and it fit the times of today’s music scene plus it was also something that actually had a meaning to me.

3. Your new project Slime Scholars drops imminently. How is this tape different to your past offerings?

This new one has alot more Auto tuned effects, much more singing, all features, experimenting with voices and playful sounds. Like a demon that teases,,but never shows full evil. I feel like this project was made by a cartoon version of me, its really “cute muzik” I stopped talking about guns and drugs as much, and focused more on fashion and women, and having fun in this project, just sum fun playa shit, sum ball out and get high shit. the devil get what he wants and doesn’t have to work hard type shit

4. What guests/producers should we expect to hear on it? From what I’ve heard there’s a lot of cool shit.

Me and GameGod have a lot of work, also TSADBONE, and YVNG ROB to name a few. Most of the beats were ripped to be honest. and the most iconic feature of them all “LIL RANDY”

5. Will we see more music in the same style of tracks like ‘VIRTUAL BUCKS’ or will you return to darker styles?

Im debating a lot right now, I cant make up my mind what to drop next but I have lots in the vault right now, it all depends on how I feel day by day, art and music changes so fast, I like to make precise drops at the right times, hopefully the next drop is my highlight project, I feel like im just getting the hang of it..I only been making music for about year now. But im trying to keep my numbers consistent.

6. Do you have any long term plans in the business? Is there anybody specific you’d really like to collaborate with, for example.

Not sure on the long term…if things go as planned, I may drop a few more full projects… as far as people I wana work with would be Blue sky black death, Toro y Moi, Clams casino, velvetears, lil bo weep, notmorgn, K.E, Lil Woah, Nani bbe, Weiland, ego mackey, and of course Bloodline Genesis

7. What else should fans look out for from you? Future singles/albums/shows?

I have an album Album already done, waiting for timing and mastering sessions. More work with lil randy sum more dark shit for the undaworld/drugmoneyrecords
I got some work with eric north coming, sumthin with gizmo,,and the rest will be announced shortly.

8. Is there anyone you’d like to shoutout, to finish off?

My engineer: G64, DJ ewock, Throne, flex, rob, Rambo, souljah star, Pat Slime, lil randy, Colburn paluck for the artwork. drug money records, casket boyz, and my family undaworld records.

Listen to Lil Devil on Soundcloud. Follow him on Instagram at @mommaslildevil_.

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