Merely a week after his Killer Kane produced tape F E R A L, Lärs is back with another set of dark, groovy songs. This time, its the prince of darkness himself Dr. Alien handling production. ‘Masamune’ kicks things off with some of Dots’ most nimble flows to date over a grinding, evil beat. The presence of a hook here really ties the song with many of Lärs’ strongest openers. Indeed, its the fully-fleshed nature of many of these songs that makes their pull so appealing.

‘TRiXiE TANG’ is a huge song with buzzsaw bass coated in bludgeoning raps. It’s easily the rapper’s tightest, most intense offering of the year. ‘Purgatory//unSANE’ is more of a navel gazer, I’ve rarely heard such ominous, grim-sounding vocals from the Florida rapper. In total, this tape is just under 12 minutes long and yet covers an astounding range of sounds and moods. ‘Control Freek Outro’ is classic Lärs: ‘Kamikaze, kill a Nazi at the Kame House’. His lucid lyrics suit the airy beat perfectly and the closing 30 seconds of just Alien’s cloudy synth reminds us that the duo’s chemistry is merely a welcome bonus to their fantastic individual talents. There’s little else to say about this tape other than it lives up to the quality of Lärs’ other 2018 material and only increases my excitement for his 2019 output.

Listen to the project here.

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