Virginia rapper SINISTERSCHUYLER has made the first day of 2019 something special. His long-awaited SIMPLY SOUTHERN GAWTH is his first project in 11 months and an exhilarating step up for the SOUTHERNGAWTHMOBB member. Opener ‘POSSESSED’ is reminiscent of his BOLT exclusive ‘CREEPIN’ in its breakneck, frantic nature and dark lyricism. Bars like ‘Break into your home, tie you up I think that you can guess the rest, y’all some fucking rodents I exterminate the nest’ are delivered in the gritty southern tones that make Schuyler’s music so effective.

This EP has a real ‘disgust for mankind’ vibe to it. The spectral female hook on ‘THE HORSEMEN’ sets the tone for the creepiest track of the three. ‘I’m cooling amongst death and pestilence, we’ll wipe your village clean no evidence’. The song conjures imagery reminiscent of biblical plagues and makes for the rapper’s strongest song to date.

In general, Schuyler really stepped up his flow on this tape. He’s gone from a very competent artist to a more fleshed out, aggressive one in a matter of months. Of course, equal credit must go to the amazing Lil Trvsh, whose output in 2018 was nothing less than stellar and, based on his first collab project with his SGM peer, he will have just as excellent a year this time round. Seriously, these beats are next level, and my favourite might just be on ‘DARK SPACE’, the longest and most ambitious joint here. Every Trvsh beat sounds like an ominous church bell, but here the producer really matches his rapper collaborator’s namesake and creates a wholly unique atmosphere. If Schuyler can maintain this consistency with other producers in 2019, he will have a truly incredible year.

Stream the tape in full right here.

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