The multi-talented Krow has been a close collaborator of some of my favourite artists for a minute thanks to his knack for gorgeous production and hefty, bruising delivery, and now that his first EP is out all signs point to him really making a mark in 2019. One of Souless’ finest and most underrated, don’t sleep on him when he drops his next tape and makes you all truly pay attention.

1. What’s good my man, great to finally be interviewing you! Firstly I wanted to say how dope your first EP was, and how I’m thankful I got to hose two of the songs for you. How did you go about choosing tracks for the project?

What’s good brah glad we could finally do this as well. I chose those tracks for the EP to show how good I was at production, as well as rapping on other people’s beats. The main purpose of the EP was to just give a small preview of what I was capable of so hopefully I accomplished that.

2. What can we expect from your next release? The preview you gave me of some of the production sounded massive, I’m very excited for it.

You can expect a much more conceptual project than my EP, with a wider range of production styles,new rapping styles from me, (I might even try a lil singing lmao) and a few fire features. Like I said earlier, the EP was just to give a small preview of what I’m capable of. This project is to let people know I’m a serious threat and I’m here to stay.

3. Who are your favourite artists to collaborate with? You have an undeniable chemistry with SeKwence as seen on the EP with manwithxface you did last year, but who else can we expect to see you rapping alongside?

I definitely love rapping with Sek that’s my bro. This year, I wanna rap with everyone in Soułess for sure (I’M GONE GET BINK TO RAP!), along with more music with Yeezy as well. My brother and cousin got me into rapping and producing, and they’re pretty dope so you’ll probably hear from them on my tape too.

4. How long have you been producing for? I think the best beat I’ve ever heard from you was on the ThugYeezy/BigLarry exclusive on my first comp tape, that was truly beautiful.

Well, I made my first beats when I was 13. They’re on YouTube somewhere because I can’t remember the password to the account to delete them. I started taking it seriously in the summer of 2017 when I reinstalled FL Studio and started cooking up. It’s been nonstop since then.

5. Do you prefer to rap over your own beats or to tackle production from others? The way you slid on Killer Kane’s shit on ‘Must Stand’ and Ruci’s on ‘You Make Me’ was incredible.

That’s a tough one. I love rapping on my own beats because I know what I like to spit on, but I also love rapping on other people’s beats because they sometimes force me to try new styles and flows. I guess working with other producers can help stop my music from being so linear, but at the same time I can craft the perfect sound if I’m making the beat. I know this isn’t much of an answer and I basically just repeated myself, but I’m sure y’all understand where I’m coming from lol

7. Where do you hail from, and has it had an impact on the sort of music you make?

I’m from a small town in Bullock County, Alabama. I’m sure you can hear the southern influence in my music whether it’s the beats or the accent that everyone says I have. Either way, I just wanna put Alabama back on the map after we lost the legend Doe B.

8. Who would you say your favourite artists of all time are? Could be the ones that influenced you the most or the ones that you deem most important to the culture.

My favorite artists of all time are Wayne, Earl, 50 Cent, Kendrick, Cole, Doe B, Hov, Biggie, Pac, Kanye, Don Trip, UGLYFRANK, Young Dolph and Jeezy. Most of them are pretty generic but some of the artists that you wouldn’t expect to see are the ones that impact my sound the most.

9. Aside from everybody in Souless, who are some dope underground names people should know about?

Well I named UglyFrank earlier, he’s been one of my favorites since I was young. ThugYeezy fire as well, go check out Soon It Will All Make Sense. Shit was amazing. I don’t really listen to too much underground music on twitter cause most of these niggas weird. I also kinda just started started getting into the underground on here, so I’m still meeting new people. Hopefully I can come back and answer this question later this year with more names.

10. Why ‘Big Gucci Krow’? I’m interested in where that came from.

Alright so basically, the nickname Krow came from my brother, his last name was Crowell so when I was coming up all the older niggas was calling me Lil Krow. That was my rap name for a long time until I realized I wasn’t lil anymore and started going by Big Gucci Krow cause of this Gucci belt I bought when I was in the 11th grade lmao, so I guess that’s why. The shit kinda was catchy so I stuck with it.

10. Aside from making music, what other stuff do enjoy doing? Past-times etc.

I was in love with football in high school, and was even scouted by a couple of D1 programs but due to some bad decision making I’m not playing college ball. I also love hooping and playing the PS4. I guess that’s it lol ion really do much outside of music.

11. Thanks for this interview bro, anything else you’d like to add?

Be ready for Soułess in 2019 cause we taking over. Łast Łaugh dropping soon as well. Peace

Listen to Krow on Soundcloud. Follow him on Twitter at @BigGucciKrow.

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