Having just blessed us with this surprise EP on his birthday, Lil Disceased has proven again that he’s one of the underground’s hardest workers. Opener ‘WHY DA WORLD SO FUCKED UP’ sets a bleak tone that’s maximised by aliengawd’s gloom-laden industrial nightmare. Lil Trvsh injects a little melody into the proceedings on ‘OFF DA PORCH‘, a grind anthem that sees Disceased expressing an inner monologue about his hopes and fears for the future. Bars like ‘Bitch I had a fucked up life, now I’m tryna make it right’ reveal a man intent on turning his life around for the benefit of his loved ones. The contrast between this song and the first is immense, creating two jarringly different perspectives from one of the underground’s most fascinating creative minds.

The EP continues to breeze past efficiently with the long-awaited ‘CLEAN HEART‘, a soulful offering with a guest verse from Ninefo. This feature might be one of the project’s strongest lyrical moments: ‘Shawty crying, I’m surrounded by her tears like an island. Smoking on this gelato, kush louder than a siren’. Truly, each of these tracks has a unique sound punctuated by excellent beat and feature selections.

Ultimately though, these tracks all feel like they’re building up to ‘RESONATING PAIN‘, the final head of the vast hydra Disceased has presented us with. With a hulking beat courtesy of SOUTHERNGATHMOBB member Thorns, this song calls back to Disceased’s roots as a grimy rapper who can bar out incessantly at a moments notice, and bar out he does. Attacking the throbbing beat, the rapper spits ominous bars: ‘It’s a resonating pain, screams echo ‘cross the lake you can hear it miles away, losing track of time yeah my mind’s in a haze, can’t explain how it be this way’. This song above all the rest feels like a chest-thumping victory for Disceased, the culminatio of years of craft perfection. And in terms of evil-sounding, out-the-trenches music that also had an incredible amount of heart and soul, you can’t get much better than this.

Stream the EP in full right here.

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