UNDAWORLD rapper Sol recently put out his aptly titled UNDAWORLD SOULJAH tape, with beats and features from a ton of talented producers and rappers. He’s also a producer himself, and so it was essential I asked him about the forces that drove him to rap the way he does, the reasons he took his current moniker, and what we can expect from him in the new year.

1. Tell me about UNDAWORLDRECORDS, how long have you been a part of that collective?

ive been in undaworld since it first started , so i would say im one of the og members fasho

2. You recently dropped UNDAWORLD SOULJAH, which has an impressive array of producers and guests. What’s your favourite collab that you did there?

shitttt thats a hard one fasho , i would prolly say blxxdy boyz wit da 3500 nikkas (islurwhenitalk , 4jay , 2shanez) or maybe the spine remixxx wit darth roach , both of em go hard af frfr

3. How long you have you been going by Sol Faneto, and where does it come from?

well my first real rap name was el sol hoe , yu kan find that name on old mixtape kovers , el sol is actually a character in a movie kalled sin nombre , its a lowkey ass movie that took place in mexiko n its about ms13 n shyt , if yu kno about it den yu kno , el sol was basically the 2nd gang leader after da 1st leader died , i see myself as a 2nd leader hence the saying “shynin in da kut” .. iont like being in the main spotlight or being the main leader , sol faneto was actually a song i had released back when i was el sol hoe , and i eventually jus changed my name to sol faneto , faneto kame from chief keef lowkey n ever since den it jus stuck

4. Who is your favourite producer to work with? I love your stuff with Lil Trvsh.

shytttt , iont even think i have a favorite producer to work with , i definitely love working wit lil trvsh , krxxk , dead4ever , evil haze , and recently naturebeats , and yu awready sno my undaworld nikkas

5. In your opinion, what’s the best song you’ve ever recorded? ‘SPINE REMIXXX’ is definitely up there for me.

thats another hard question , i would prolly say pull dem triggas on da slimeway mixtape , nikkas sleep onnat song frfr

6. What inspires your lyrics, they fit well into the dark, grimy sound of the underground but what in particular made you want to rap that way?

i would prolly say life inspired my lyrics , 2017 i was in n outta jail so my pain would build up , n when i got out , i would always record sumn , i also grew up on multiple music genres from rap to sum metal shyt

7. I notice that you sometimes produce, do you plan to do that more in the new year?

yes i always plan to produce , ive always wanted to produce my own mixtape , and i have hella shyt koming soon wit my undaworld nikkas produced by me

8. Who inspired you to want to rap? I hear SGP as an influence in your shit most of all.

who inspired me to rap was prolly xavier wulf , black kray , soulja boy , lil b , n curren$y ,sgp inspired me to produce for myself n do different flows onna beat , im also inspired by a lot of shyt from the 90s like three six mafia n nwa , and early 2000s shyt like waka flocka n gucci mane

9. Good doing this with you bro, this is your opportunity to shoutout whoever you’d like!

goodlookin on dis opportunity i appreciate it frfr , i wan shoudout my undaworld team , flexx cult , southerngawthmobb , darth mob , vsop/bmb , juug2k , cvsket records , 94th , mkf , and all da young nikkas on da bloxk. go peep mah undaworld souljah tape , fukk vlone komin soon😈

Listen to Sol on Soundcloud. Follow him on Twitter at @basedsol.

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