Paul Ke11y has been on my rap radar for a minute, he’s a huge personality yet also one that creates amazing music to back it. We chopped it up about a number of subjects and determined the direction his future music will take, what he thinks his best project is, and what inspires his creative mind.

1. You’ve been rapping for a few years, it seems. What would you say is the project you’ve released during this time that you’re most proud of? I personally really like the melodic sound of flowers for the dead.

Flowers for the Dead is definitely my best work thus far. Put years of effort in and damn near went insane during the making of it! I deadass grew up with it so it means a lot to me. Plus it’s the project I feel displays my range best, so many different flavours on there.

2. Your collab project with BIGBABYGUCCI, no game no life, is cool and I’m really looking forward to your next joint project with Lil Xelly. Can you tell me anything about how the former came together/what we can expect from the latter?

The collab EP with BIGBABYGUCCI wasn’t even supposed to happen for real haha. I paid him for a open verse and he sent me four to choose from. I recorded over my favourite one and later found out he already sold it before so I took the rest of them and made an EP to get my money’s worth hahaha. He said his label would take it down, but they never did shit. Lil Xelly a real one though so this next one is much more collaborative. It’s some of the rawest shit I’ve ever been a part of.

3. Your two latest songs, ‘Stitches & Staples’ and ‘Lituya Bay’ off my collab tape are both huge bangers. Can we expect more music of a similar nature in the future?

Without a doubt man the paul xe11y EP is nothing but bangers!

4. Who or what made you first want to rap? You’ve had a fairly prolific career so I’m interested in what motivates you to make music.

One of my oldest friends told me to kick a freestyle when I was like 13 that’s the first time I ever tried it. It wasn’t until my older cousin gave me a copy of Lil Wayne’s No Ceilings mixtape that I actually thought, “Wow, I wanna do this shit.” As far as motivations go music is just my strongest passion and greatest outlet, I couldn’t quit if I wanted to honestly, but my biggest goal as far as my career goes is to build a platform with music that can change as many people’s lives for the better as possible.

5. Where are you from, and has your location had a large impact on the music you make?

I’m from Indiana, but I’ve lived in Florida, Michigan, & Cali too. The only impact my location has had on my music besides the direct experiences I’ve had that inspired me is just that we don’t have one sound like a lot of other areas. That made it so instead of molding to my region’s wave I had to make my own which makes everything I do way more original.

6. Do you have any favourite artists at the moment? Rappers/producers that are really killing the game for example.

My favourite artists at the moment aren’t rappers or producers, but as far as rap goes Future remains consistently killing shit. He’s a fucking legend. Producer wise 16yrold is really coming up, I’m happy for dude! Hearing his tag on the radio blew my mind. Definitely need to work with him in 2019.

7. You’re quite an interesting person to follow on Twitter, and I really think that same personality is displayed in your lyrics. How do you fuel yourself creatively and do you have any advice for people seeking a similar mindset?

Life fuels my creativity. From the good to the bad to the downright horrible it’s all just inspiration to me. Oh, also psychedelics haaa they help a lot. Only advice I can give is try to understand that creation is more a process of channelling than controlling. Don’t try to force anything with art, allow it to flow.

8. Do you have any other confirmed singles or projects on the way that we might not know about?

I’m working on another collaboration with a remarkable singer from London named Sukaina Yasin. She has one of the most amazing voices I‘ve ever heard and I’m amped for y’all to hear it. Aside from that I always got hella solo projects in the works, but my main focus is my debut LP. The features and production on it are so unbelievable, it’ll be a dream come true for me.

9. Finally, this is your opportunity to shout some people out, if you want. Thanks for this bro!

Nah thank you dawg! Appreciate you the utmost, but shiiit.. I gotta shout out my homey Issac, my cousin Xavier, & my engineer Webbie. If it wasn’t for them I wouldn’t doing this shit!!!

Listen to Paul on Soundcloud. Follow him on Twitter at @doctorxen.

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  1. My nigga been snapping for some years now and honestly some his music straight slept on. Crazy to say that one my homies tracks be one of my favorite to listen to out through the day


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