For our second interview, me and producer/DJ/writer/music encyclopedia Psychodelic caught up on what’s new for him, the way he sees this year going, and of course he came with a boatload of great music for you to check out. Enjoy the read!

1. Hey bro, good to catch up again. What have you been up to musically since our last conversation?

I’ve been sampling more R&B than anything. I like all that aggressive stuff but at the same time, where’s the balance? You could say it’s a “goth” sound in the way that my beats can be dark and beautiful at the same time. One feeling doesn’t overpower the other. I’m also trying to create my own melodies too. The first one I did it for was the song Genocide Melody II that was for the album Black Man’s Hell.

2. What direction do you aim to take your productions/mixes in throughout the coming year?

I aim to be more experimental in my sound and to make production that is outside of hip hop sometimes. Wild Wes Radio: The Album was my very first attempt at making beats and I tried to do all types of stuff. I remember sampling artists like Depeche Mode and thinking back on it now, the result was terrible. It is what is though. You live and you learn. I have gotten way better since. That album was recorded in the beginning of 2017. One genre of music I want to create so bad is ambient. I never thought I would appreciate it until I started listening to black metal 7 years ago. You don’t need a whole lot of instruments to create the atmosphere you want.

3. Do you have anything dropping soon that we should be looking out for, maybe continuations of your past series?

I have some demos ready, so be on the lookout for those. As far as full lengths, I plan on recording one called The Sherm Tape that will be all slowed down funk & 80’s R&B. I’m still going to record Black Man’s Hell and that will be dark instrumentals and a couple of blends most likely like I used to do when I first started making music. All music starting now will be released on Bandcamp from now on. Audiomack was good at first, but for a little while now, it has been falling off especially since they removed the download option.

4. The song you produced for Lil Disceased was really dope, will we hear more collabs between you and the SOUTHERNGAWTHMOBB guys?

For sure. I sent Lil Disceased and Trenchboi Kese some more beats a little while ago before the year ended. Good dudes right there. I’ve been rocking with the whole SGM for a minute. I gave them their first interviews so you know its all love over here. Just go on my Medium profile and the interviews are still there.

5. Who are the best artists in the underground right now? Rappers and producers, whoever you think is killing it the most.

Shout out to SIC, Southern Gawth Mobb, Waist Deep Clique, Rubberband Clan, Cheecho, Lul Camerin0, Mista Raid, & DJ Chrome Tone. Hope Xan Man keeps his head up because he’s one of the hottest artists out MD. Once he’s released, he’s going to take over for sure. I was planning on sending him a beat one day, but I must’ve forgot.

6. I feel like I gotta get some more music recommendations from you, can put me on to some classic shit that you ain’t mention the first time round?

DMG – Rigormortiz
Artifacts – Between a Rock and a Hard Place
K Rino – Stories from the Black Book
Society of Soul – Brainchild
Twista – Resurrection
Triple Darkness – Cold Blooded EP
Abrumptum – In Umbra Malitiae Ambulabo
Mystifier – The World is so Good that Who Made It Doesn’t Live Here
After 7 – Reflections
AZ – Pieces of a Man
Ganksta Nip – Psychotic Genius
5th Ward Boyz – Rated G
Too Much Trouble – Player’s Choice
Cella Dwellas – Realms N Reality
Sunz of Man – Nothing New Under the Sun
Sizzla – Black Woman & Child
Buju Banton – Inna Heights
Kool G Rap – The Giancana Story
Killah Priest – Heavy Mental
Johnny Gill – Let’s Get the Mood Right
Luther Vandross – Power of Love
Mass 187 – Krooked City
Mary J. Blige – Share My World
Ready 4 The World – Ruff N Ready
Saigon – The Yardfather Vol. 1
Mississippi Mafia – Southern Funk 3
Trinity Garden Cartel – Don’t Blame It On Da Music
Main Source – Breaking Atoms

7. Have you managed to keep up with all the stuff you enjoy doing, like reading and such?

A little bit. I got a few workouts in. I didn’t get a chance to do much reading though unless it was the books I had to read for my classes. That’s going to change this year.

8. And finally bro, you can talk your shit here a lil bit if you feel like it. We covered so much in our first interview but I’m glad we linked for another.

Much love to everyone that’s real and has talent in the underground. If you think I’m going to give props to people who troll all day and make terrible music but act as if they’re doing something, you got another thing coming. Not everyone is cut out for being an artist. It’s alright to be a fan. Stay in a fan’s place. If you are doing that Memphis sound, please try new samples. Certain sounds die out because people copy off of others and refuse to try anything new. Don’t be afraid to experiment with your sound. There’s plenty of soul music and horror movie soundtracks out there for you to use in your music. Put your mind to it and you can do anything.

Follow Wes on Twitter at @Sadomatist. Check out his mxies on Audiomack. For our first interview go here.

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