New York rapper ICXXY had an amazing 2018, dropping three instalments of his MYSTIC PIMP series that saw him tackling IAMPISSED and Loko Los production with unmatched ferocity. The spirit of the underground really flows through the young rapper, and with his latest offering FRXXXM THXXX CXXXLD it once again manifests in the murky majesty of his music. His delivery hasn’t budged an inch on the new tracks here, he’s as deadpan and distorted as ever on ‘CLXVN‘. ICXXY recently took to Twitter to talk about how he stands out from other NY rappers by not bowing to a temptation to be overly lyrical, and he proves how far he can go with that mindset on this track. ‘Yeah you know I’m so fresh and I’m so clean, Ice Mane bitch I’m froze like some ice cream’. ICXXY bodies the Loko Los beat with ease, capping his verse with ‘I’m an underground legend yeah they know me’ before the swampy synths bubble to the surface.

While he’s made it clear that ICXXY tackles BMB/V$OP and in particular Loko beats the best, the way he tackles the material of another legendary underground producer, KRXXK, is just as satisfying. ‘DXMXN BITXH‘ and ‘GXTH WITCH‘ have both been out for about a month now, but their suspense-riddled atmospheres are just as effective in the context of this EP. The latter is one of the weirdest songs in his whole discography, the drums are arranged sparsely and chaotically, giving it an off-kilter rhythm made all the more bizarre by the lucid freestyling the rapper executes here.

By far the strongest number here however is ‘2K00 STIXK DRILL SHIT‘, a track featuring one of the most intense Loko beats the rapper has ever tackled. Thanks to ICXXY’s world-weary bars: ‘I’m so fucking lit, I’m so fucking tired of the same old shit’, the song sounds like a gaze into his darkened soul. With this tape, the rapper compiled three of his best songs as of late and threw in three brand new joints just over two weeks since the release of his last project. These actions befit the incredible dedication and relentless worth ethic of one of the underground’s most important talents.

Stream the tape in full right here.

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