If you follow me on any social media and don’t know who this guy is, I’m definitely doing something wrong. One of the first people to ever show me love, and one of the best rappers doing his thing right now, SeKwence is destined for many amazing things in life if he keeps up his extraordinarily excellent output. Was a pleasure to do this second interview and catch up on his very eventful 2018.

1. Absolute pleasure to to another interview with you my man, you had an amazing 2018 and then some. How’ve you been?

Man i been good I appreciate you asking. I been working like 90+ hours a week (7-7 7 days a week) since like November but I always make my best music during my busy season so yeah man I can’t complain other than I’m tired as hell

2. Of the four projects you dropped last year, which was your favourite? Mine’s Budget Cuts 2, you and Kane killed every single song on that tape.

fuckin love budget cuts 2. I’m very proud of how that project turned out. Me and kane godly together. Honestly tho my favorite project i dropped last year was This Shit Is Fucked. So many different sounds and feels on that one. It got me a lot of momentum going. I love all my work tho.

3. Your next project, I Wonder If Hell Has A Buffet, is dropping on the 20th. I’ve heard some of it, and it might just be your best work yet? Is there anything you can tell me about how it all came together?

oh this album is my baby. I’ve never ever made music this good before. I mean you know I’ve always had outlandish album titles lol but everyone always talks about heaven being like a endless buffet and I jus wonder if hell has one too.

4. I’ve heard some amazing verses from you over the last twelve months, I think you almost always come out on top on every track you share with other rappers. Who do you most enjoy barring out alongside?

I love making music with all the homies honestly. We all push each other to be the best we can be. If I had to pick though I would say lärs. We make beautiful music together and that’s my brother for life. His pen pushes mine like crazy.

5. What do you think is your best song to date? Can be an unreleased one if that’s how you feel. I’d say ‘92RAINMAN’ though, personally.

92RAINMAN is my most favorite song I’ve ever made. It’s so raw and so real. It means a lot to me. The beat sounds like something from a Joplin album to me. She’s my favorite so it worked out perfectly. Also these unreleased ones are god level so they up there also.

6. Will we see you rapping alongside any new faces in 2019, or will you stick mostly to the Souless camp? Not that I’d blame you, you guys are making the best music out right now by far.

I appreciate that bro. You know me and my soułessblvd brothers gonna make music together forever. But oh yeah I’m tryna be everywhere this year. I got a few circles outside my immediate circle. Adonis, CamBank$, ThugYeezy, Dell, Lord Juco, Pro Zay, DAP, Haze, Lord Juco, Loso, Sleep Sinatra, Teller Bank$, Norm Regular, captain brick etc.. it’s a lot of people I’m cooking with this year and I’m hype as hell on that. Shout all my guys and anyone I missed it’s love.

7. Anything else we should watch out for? Other planned projects/visuals/shows for example?

Untitled EP w/ NoPulp
Highed up 2 w/ $uff
Budget Cuts 3 w/ Kane
50ShadyLane (SEK album)
Me and noface gonna give y’all our project this year.
I’m locking in w Juco and haze on one.
Ep w/ Dweeb
And all kinda visuals. I got so much planned. I still need shows mane y’all book me.

8. I’m glad we laid another interview down bro, talk your shit if you got anything else to say!

Always appreciate you bro for real. Thank you for keeping shit lit for us. I ain’t even got much to say other than thank y’all for listening and it’s about to be a crazy year for all the homies. We applying so much pressure all year. It’s gon be beautiful. Big shout to my bro P80 and my bro D. Lanham

Listen to Sek on Soundcloud. Follow him on Twitter at @Sekwence.

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