Ohio rapper Jah-Monte is offering us a wholly new concept with a new drop that acts as a visualisation of the powerful two part track ‘Best Rapper In Charlotte Pt. 5’ from earlier in the year. The song is still just as smooth instrumentally as it was when it dropped back in March, and the chilled, tense video that now serves as an accompaniment is a perfect expression of the track’s emotional depth.

The first half of the song details violence, imprisonment and abandonment in an incredibly stark manner, and the rapper’s stoney gaze reveals the incredible pain behind the lyrics. Standing solemnly under the streetlights or rapping intensely into the camera, the video displays a diverse range of emotional response from an artist seemingly carrying a lot of grief in his heart.

As the song shifts into its second act, the mood elevates somewhat and the rapper points his ‘Best Rapper In Charlotte’ logo at the camera like a business card, reminding us of his skill as an MC amidst the complex emotions of the track. And as the logo reappears in view of the shot so does Jah-Monte, this time joined by a crowd of friends. The more jovial mood is an intense contrast that reminds us that this rap shit can be fun, as long as the serious social consequences are understood.

This video is destined to be one of 2019’s best, as it presents a rapper in his prime revisiting a classic and coming with a fascinating vision for a track that is undeniably difficult to match visually.

Check out the video here. Check out his music on Bandcamp. Follow Jah-Monte on Twitter at @jahmonteogbon.

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