Wavami is a crazy diverse rapper who over the last two years has built up a solid discography full of ethereal bangers and dreamy monologues. I’ve hosted his music many times, and built a relationship strong enough for me to say he’s a really great, genuine guy with a real love for music.

1. How long have you been making music? I can find stuff on your Soundcloud that goes back a couple years but how long have you actively been rapping for?

I been making music since i was a junior in high school but i never dropped any music until senior year and i would drop songs randomly, around 2015 i started rapping more consistently.

2. Your earlier music, like ‘Getaway’ and ‘With U’ is a pretty different style to your current, seeming to focus on more traditional flows and melancholy beats. What inspired your change in musical direction?

I didn’t want to sound the same forever because it would bore me so i’d challenge myself to sound different than the last song i put

3. ‘SIX GLOCKS’ was the first track that made me pay attention to you and it’s still a big banger, you rode that beat in a really slick way. You have a lot of work with the producer Six Figurez, will we see any more work from you two?

Me & six figurez were just talking about making more old school songs recently. hopefully another tape too soon so we’re definitely gonna work a lot more together.

4. I’ve hosted a few songs for you at this point, ‘FAT’ was the first track I ever dropped on my page so thank you for that! Another was with ELI BLVCK, another frequent collaborator. Will we see any more work between you as a duo?

Bro i used to talk a lot about wanting my music hosted for a while so thank YOU for everything youve done for me. Me n eli are always gonna have music ready to drop together, as we speak i got about 2 songs i havent shown with him on some radio popstar shit. It honestly goes so hard it makes me so happy i have friends like him that have such talent.

5. Your recent track ‘GET MONEY TODAY’ is really dope, maybe my favourite from you yet. How did that song come together?

Get money today was originally on a different beat and a different melody but i just wasnt fuckin with it at all. I randomly just started stuttering some words and was like okay this kinda fun and i just went with that.

6. ‘BOPSTAR’ is one of your biggest tracks, and you ended up putting it on streaming services. What do you think it is about that song that attracted so much attention?

I think bopstar got the most attention from my other songs was that it was the first song where i did autotune and it wasnt TOO watered down from all the effects plus i made a pretty generic but catchy hook hahaha.

7. You’ve been known to drop some more experimental songs like ‘i dont wanna let go’. What inspires drops like these?

So when i say i dont wanna sound exactly like the same song i last dropped i try to mean it as much as i can so if i had just made a really upbeat autotune fun song ima make a depressing and sad song in the next but i think now its starting to come to how im feeling when i make a song if im up to put some energy in a plugg beat or let out all my bottled up emotions

8. What’s your next intended release? Any tapes/albums on the way?

I have this one autotune joint on me rn im in love with it my guy pedia mixed and jordan bands the producer for bopstar on production if i want any of my songs to hit its first 10k plays i want it to be this one.

9. When did you choose the name Wavami and why?

So before i was wavami i went by this embarrassing ass name FRANZ, someone gave me that name when i was a kid cuz my name long as shit haha so i went with that for a while but i wanted to change it thought of shit like lil wave, wave lord, just something with wave in it but then i thought what about wave and tsunami but after i made wavami i realized the word “nami” means wave in japan so my name kinda almost says wavewave and its kinda corny to me still but its not as bad as my other name.

10. Anybody you want to shout out?

I wanna shout out my brothers six figurez, woe, johnnie, pedia, jordan bands, bonkai, eli, kidd kenny, and you too haha if i hadnt met you i’d probably be making some below mid songs

Listen to Wavami on Soundcloud. Follow him on Twitter at @thottywavami.

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