I been following vonte on Twitter for a minute now and he’s a great guy, funny as hell and really, really talented. He makes beautiful beats on his excellent instrumental tapes and in a partnership with rapper NoGumHundo. I’m convinced this man can produce anything, honestly. Enjoy this interview, I’m glad I finally got round to sending him these.

1. Good to finally be interviewing you bro, I shoulda hit you up about it a while ago. The first thing I wanted to ask is how you got into producing, and what inspired you to do so?

well, i would always pay more attention to the beat instead of the lyrics growing up so i think i jus naturally clung to producing, i was always making beats wit my hands at the lunch table for a nigga to freestyle over, and its crazy i think i get dat shit from my daddy cuz he would do the same shit all around the house when i was little, but eventually in 2013 i said ok ima fr get serious now, Left Brain, Nuri, Alchemist, and Flying Lotus and Southside was prolly my biggest inspirations, those the people that made me say ok this is what i wanna do with my life.

2. When you dropped your MULCH beat tape about half a year ago, I was really loving that and I think it stands out as one of your best. The songs had a crazy atmosphere to them, and I was just wondering if the creation of that project was different in any way to your usual process?

thank you bruh that’s one of my favorites too, it actually was a little different from usual cuz i was smoking on the porch one day & i was like “damn i wanna name a tape MULCH one day wouldn’t that be a fye name, i never heard nobody do no shit like that before” so i said fuck it, i already had recently made them six beats within a week or so, and they all sounded cohesive as one unit so i looked up different types of mulch names and renamed the tracks after them based on what fit, i paid a friend to do the cover and the rest is history.

3. I want to say thankyou so much for the beats that you sent me for my FUCK 5 series, you always come through with the fire. ‘QUICK KARMA’ was a crazy track, you really tapped into something incredible there. Where do you find inspiration from when putting together a song as complex and layered as that?

no problem dawg i wanna be on the next one too btw! my inspiration really comes from people on twitter that tell me they love my shit. that shit really keeps me goin like “damn well maybe i AM doin the right thing since these niggas love it” but really my biggest inspiration comes from me, cuz i love music so much and im my biggest fan, im always tryna make what i wanna hear above anybody else, so i keep myself motivated by making sure i keep the same standard i always have had while tryin to build upon it, and thats how every beat is for me, Quick Karma was no different, i love that sample so much tho man phew

4. You frequently work with NoGumHundo, you two seem to have a great relationship. What do you think is the best collaboration you’ve made together?

yea thats my brother right or wrong im dyin bout him, but if we talkin songs that are already out, ill go with “Blue Faces” but we got a collab tape coming called “Life Crazy” and its a song on it with that same name that i love wit all my heart, so if we talkin unreleased i’ll go with that one, i listen to it every day

5. Will we ever see that Robb Bank$ collab? I been dying to hear it ever since he announced that you won the contest.

bruh i wanna hear it too he still aint send it!!! so idk unfortunately maybe he’ll drop it one day randomly

6. What stuff do you have planned for 2019? Any new instrumental projects on the way?

yea i got Life Crazy otw wit Hundo, ima be on Kwony’s (@ATLPromise) tape comin soon as well, and i got one instrumental tape ready to drop this year too, im thinkin bout maybe April or May, name and official release date TBA

7. I love your chopped & screwed shit, especially what you did with C2. Will you be dropping any more of those?

yea i was actually thinkin bout choppin Future new album so ima prolly do that today now that u asked

8. Can you name some people who you think are really killing it in the rap game right now? I feel like you could put me on to some great music.

Flex Malik!!!!!!! my brother Elijah of course @ThugYeezy i been listenin to Lucki alot lately and Alley Boy too

9. Being from Georgia must be cool, has the scene there impacted your creative output in any way?

honestly not really cuz i was in Texas for the bulk of my career, from 2015-early 2018 so ion really take any inspiration from the scene out here even tho Georgia is beautiful

10. Finally bro, you can just say whatever you like right here, do some shoutouts etc. Been a pleasure doing this with you!

aye man i jus wanna shoutout Hundo & Suede yall already know what the hell goin on man LIFE CRAZY COMIN SOON SOON thank you to everybody fuckin wit me rn or reading this interview ILY. thank u for interviewing me this was great!

Listen to vonte on Soundcloud. Follow him on Twitter at @RCLvonte.

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