A highly underrated rapper making hard music in a similar vein to his brother LZA but featuring his own unique twist, Casanovx is due to release his next project very soon and he’s going to make a lot of noise in the underground this year.

1. I was surprised to find out you were LZA’s brother, I think that’s dope that you’re both in this shit. Did you two start rapping at the same time?

Nah i wish but he was rapping for a while and then he put me on

2. Who influences your music? Your music has a lot of different sounds to it so it’s quite hard to pin down.

Duwap kaine and Tay-k

3. Who did that screwed plug shit to the XanGang beat on ‘Blimp’? That shit was hard and makes for one of your best songs.

LZA did that by mistake on his laptop but it came out good so we kept it

4. ‘01 SHYNE BOY is a great project, I fuck with the sound you did on there a whole lot. Can we expect to see some of the same producers on your new tape?

Only one and his name is Taehuncho

5. ‘BOTH WAYS’ is such a great track, had me very excited for any new music from you. Is the music on your next project pretty similar?

Yeah of course

6. Why ‘CASANOVX’ as a name? Shit sounds slick but I’m just wondering where it came from.

I picked the name “Casanovx” because it was already my instagram name but i have been calling myself Casanova since i was in middle school

7. What else can we expect to see from you in 2019? I’d definitely love to see you and LZA do a whole tape together.

Me and LZA will definitely drop a tape this year but it prolly wont drop until the summer. Just expect more heat thats on the way.

Listen to Casanovx on Soundcloud. Follow him on Twitter at @casanovxx.

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