UNDA member Radez is one of the nicest rappers in the whole posse, a technical and bludgeoning artist with a great ear for beats. We talked about his recent music, what’s coming next, and his thoughts on the industry as a whole.

1. How long have you been in UNDAWORLD? Few people rep it as hard as you do, in my eyes.

I’ve been in UNDAWORLD since like the middle of 2018, it was an honor being welcomed into the fam with such great artists an producers, shout out BMB TACO EL for giving a chance to shine

2. Your new EP Below Unda was dope as fuck, you chose some great producers on there and made some of the coolest dark trap I’ve heard in a minute. Will we see a continuation of this style in the future?

thank you brother, I’m glad you enjoyed the ep, I got crazy feedback for that ep an yes I have plenty more dark trap on the way

3. What other projects do you have planned for 2019? I remember you saying you were doing a full tape over Loko Los beats.

Yeah I got “Radez Loko” fully produced by BMB Loko Los on the way an a collab ep with Kev $teeze called “Bringin Trap Bacc” on the way as well

4. Who is your favourite producer to collaborate with overall?

I’ll have to say BMB Loko Los, SpaceGhostPurrp, JXWISH RXVPXR, King Druie, 4JAY & 24thouxan an it’s plenty more but I just can’t think of no more at this moment

5. Who influenced your sound the most, and what artists still inspire you to rap?

SpaceGhostPurrp influence the sound you hear from me right now, beat selecting wise, an I inspire myself to keep making music cause that’s what I love doing an been doing since 2010

6. You’ve worked with a bunch of great artists including Herme$, Zach Rabbit, Goji and of course Taco El. What has been your favourite collaboration to date?

My favorite collabs by far are the same artists you just named, Zach Rabbit, BMB TACO EL, BMB Herme$ as well as Kev $teeze, FlackoSOA, an I just did one with VILLXN that’s my favorite as well an have plenty more favorites on the way

7. What’s next for UNDAWORLD? You have a lot of members so are you guys doing shows or maybe a group tape this year?

Yeah we’re planning on setting some shows up soon an we have “UNDAWORLD VOL. 3” dropping soon this year but y’all can go check out vol 1 an vol 2 on spinrilla

8. Do you have any thoughts on the underground as a whole? There’s a lot of talent out there rn but I just wonder if you have any thoughts on artists/collectives aside from those in UNDA.

The underground not what it use to be but it’s alright so far, just wish it was more love an support being spread around so everybody can get a chance to shine an that’s what BMB TACO EL discover UNDAWOLRD RECORDS for, to discover real underground talent an to give everybody a chance to shine, but UNDAWORLD here to bring that real dark trap music back an bring the underground back to what it once was

9. Where are you from? Has that environment shaped the way in which you create music?

I’m from Durham North Carolina, 919 BullCity an you can say the environment shaped the way my music is cause I’m from the hood an be in the projects an hood a lot an it’s nothing but dark negative energy an vibes out where I be at that I adept to, so I guess you can say that

10. And finally, would you like to give any shoutouts or say anything else?

Thank you for taking the time out to give me some shine an the opportunity for this interview, I have more songs an tapes on the way, shout out BMB TACO EL for giving me the chance to shine an give light to where I’m from, shout out the whole team UNDAWORLD RECORDS an my lil team GMRG (Get Money Rebel Gang) an shout out all my supporters cause without y’all I wouldn’t be nothing an I love every single one of y’all, keep the support an love coming cause ima keep doing it for y’all follow me on Twitter @RadezGMRG Instagram @Radez_GMRG an stream my music on soundcloud RadezGMRG ✌🏽one love

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