Rapper/producer/DJ 4jay is one of the underground’s most important figures, making beats not only for himself but a litany of up and coming artists practicing the dark UNDAWORLD style. He should be one of the most sought after beatmakers full stop, in my opinion. Enjoy this eye-opening interview and stream his music.

1. Your most recent project FUCK OFF: DA MIXTAPE had you rapping over your own beats alongside the likes of SGP and KRXXK. Do you consider it a greater challenge to rap on other people’s production as opposed to your own?

I feel like it’s easier to rap over my beats because I know what I want the song to sound like, but rapping over other niggas beats is hella fun. S/o to Krxxk too he be going dumb. Only time it’s hard to rap on beats is when niggas don’t send em.

2. You do a large number of mixes on your Soundcloud, and the results are dope as fuck. What is your favourite that you’ve done to date?

My favorite mix I’ve done gotta be between Perk Drought or No Shovel by my dawg 2shanez. I be mixing most of the songs that I drop though.

3. When did you start making beats, and who influenced you to do so?

I started making music in general hella early on, I was like 4 the first time I got on a song, but I started taking music seriously when I was 12 or 13. My father introduced me to it, I didn’t know why I enjoyed it so much I just and then I ran with it.

4. Did the production you did for Tay-K elevate your status as a producer at all, as in did you start getting a lot more attention off that?

I gotta klear this up rn, i ain’t produce for them niggas they jus seen the beat on YouTube and downloaded it. It ain’t really much to say bout that situation that kant be inferred. I got some attention from it, but I look as that as a stain on my kareer honestly.

5. Who are your favourite artists to collaborate with? Your collabs with Herme$ are real nice, and you always sound good alongside ISLURWHENITALK AND 2shanez, seems like the artists in UNDAWORLD always team up with great results.

Good lookin bro. All my dawgs of kourse, my UNDAWORLD family, Bren555, Gary Stump, Gothchyld always sends some hard ass shit, really just all the niggas that I know because it’s easy to get mixed in with fuck niggas in the underground.

6. Do you have another EP or tape on the way, and if not what can we expect from you in 2019?

This year ima be more oriented around dropping tapes. I wanna have at least 4 dropped by the middle of March. All it take is work tho.

7. I definitely want to hear you rap more, especially over your own beats. Do you consider yourself primarily a producer or rapper and which do you enjoy more overall?

It’s kinda hard to choose. I like producing kause I’m konfident in my talent, I kan see it komes easier to me than most people. But rapping is different, i ain’t the best rapper out here but I handle my shit pretty good on the mic I feel like.

8. I’m glad I finally sent you some questions bro, my bad for the wait. Is there anything else you want to add that I might have missed asking about?

Swag shoutout 108 Mics, 3500, UNDAWORLD, Juug2k, Screwed G’s all da guys

Listen to 4jay on Soundcloud. Follow him on Twitter at @RvtxdRSvpxrstvr.

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