Back with a new visual drop, Jah-Monte has once again delivered a dope video for one of his past works, in this case ‘Callis Oval (Auntie Erica House)’. Like his previous explorations into visual delivery, his latest effort focuses heavily on the rapper’s self-proclaimed (though undoubtedly deserved) status as the ‘Best Rapper In Charlotte’ by immediately displaying his now trademark logo. Jah-Monte wants you to remember who he is, and that he’s not slacking in any department be it musically, lyrically or visually.

The video begins with a hazy view of a empty gas station before the MC hops out the ride to spit dynamically in front of the store. By filming in environments illuminated only by flickering streetlights, Jah-Monte strengthens the validity of his largely unaccompanied, uber-personal and extremely gritty rhymes. Whereas I wrote before about how his friends joining him for visuals reflected the changing sound of the music itself, here the opposite is true as the rapper patrols his chosen turf with an undeniable tenacity, he really creates the impression that he can be the king of anything he sets his mind to.

The director chose a much more moody approach to the lighting and setting, but it only allows greater focus on the rapper’s razor sharp rhymes and minimal yet effortless stage presence. Another great success for Jah-Monte that reminds us we always need quality visuals for fan favourites.

Check out the video here. Check out Jah-Monte’s music on Bandcamp. Follow Jah-Monte on Twitter at @jahmonteogbon.

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