Atlantan producer/rapper/curator ra$$$had has been in the industry for many years, working hard on various projects and getting not only his name but that of many other artists and producers out there in the process. As well as being incredibly talented, he does essential work to promote undervalued artists in the underground and it was a pleasure to do this with him. Tap in for beats from him, few are as consistent and versatile.

1. You’re from Atlanta, how has the music scene there shaped the way that you create?

Atlanta isnt afraid of shit. Niggas do whatever TF they want. I’ve lived in the city for about 4 years. I’m from gwinnett fr fr. Biggest difference is Atlanta niggas really be doing they own shit they own way. That’s always been me. Build my team from the bottom floor and go with it. Independent and keep the ideas and money within my team and supporters. Atlanta v good at that.

2. Who were your favourite artists growing up and who do you think influenced your sound the most?

Stevie wonder, George clinton, N.E.R.D., Blu and radiohead are like some of my most important memories with music. I listened to anything my parents were bumping as a child and my dad played hell 90s rap and weird alt rock shit and jazz do I was always trying to find new shit

3. Would you consider yourself primarily a producer or rapper? Your beats are capable of spanning countless genres and you seem to work at an extremely prolific rate, so would my guess that you’ve been a producer longer than a rapper be correct?

I’m def a producer before anything else. I’ve been playing piano since I was like 5 and composing shit on sheet music. Then I learned how to use computers and shit and I would find a way to loop parts of my fav beats and rap over them in audacity. Rapping just happened cuz I liked writing and I wasn’t gon let niggas read my raps. I’m lazy tho. I feel like my favorite rappers take the time out to really hone their craft. I still need to do that with my raps/writing. Music literally plays in my head all day so it’s like the composition part is second nature. Words always take really careful deliberation for me.

4. Tell me about Zigga Nation, and the beat battles you guys used to have?

Zigga Nation is me Terrell Ray erictherager and my nigga tai. We just all have a similar philosophy of creating what we want to hear and we’re willing to support each other to get the fuckin bag. It was Eric’s idea for the beat battles. I was like “that’s fuckin perfect.” It’s basically just producer networking and pushing each other to keep creating. That nigga 3lo was fucking kicking our asses. GAWD TOO.

5. Who have you been working with lately? I know you worked heavily with Nanagnarly on her last project, but who else?

Well me and Nana got another ep coming in March. That’s a big one for me cuz those songs r sum of my best work. But other than her I have a project I did allot of production on for @TerrellGween, a project w/ @DOLPHINSDAUGHTR otw, some songs w/ @V3NUSASABOY, me @EricTheRager and @smadaknotz started working on our project. Prolly more shit but that’s what remember rn

6. Your monthly playlists are a great way to expose people to new music, I know I’ve benefited from them. I feel like you and me use similar tactics when compiling music in this way, but you’ve been doing it for some years. Do you often think about the audiences that will be exposed to the music you repost/include in playlists?

Really I just wanna show ppl what I think is fye. Finding that gem song in a playlist is a very underrated experience. My goal is to have my own music recreate that feeling of discovering your new fav song over and over again. I think by keeping track of songs I like and deliberately placing them in certain orders get me thinking about shit for my own projects. Plus anybody who follows me can easily see what I like real quick. Your playlist r fye bc these r artists ur really having interactions with and not just throwing they songs on a playlist. Like I know ur gonna tell when Elijah (thugyeezy) is about drop every time.

7. Your website is a great introduction to you as an artist, as it has some nice visuals and links to your various media. Do you think having a hub for your music in this way is vital to artist success?

Honestly if niggas learn how to finesse insta or Twitter that’s good enough. I think about my brand and how I want to look and is just a more detailed way for me to show my body of work and my interests. I’m gonna develop a game and put it on there too. Maybe that’ll get more niggas to buy beats.

8. Who would you like to work with that you haven’t had chance to yet?

I really wanna work with allot of SoundCloud heavy niggas with good fuckin raps. Sir EU. Mike of Doom. Nolanbrollin. Mavi. NoGum Hundo. Really need more shit with Lars and Thugyeezy

9. And finally mate, thanks for doing this interview and I hope all is well. Anything else you’d like to add?

Zigga Worldwide 2019 2020 lots of projects dropping with ppl i’ve been collabing with and my ppl’s have been collabing with. and i got a solo album ima drop in May called SAME OLE SAMO. and then another ep in called drown in august thats basically the spiritually successor to my first ep kenjataimu goodbye. but thank you bro 108mics is the shit. God bless u and all the creators out there.

Listen to ra$$$had on Soundcloud. Follow him on Twitter at @rarerashad.

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