One listen to Texas rapper JUiiCE’s most recent project #GlossStarTape will tell you everything you need to know about his true strengths: a diverse array of rapping skills, a penchant for slick songwriting and a truly excellent beat selection. Although the Texas drawl is there, his flow is actually more reminiscent of modern Florida icons like Kodak Black. This is most evident on ‘Addicted2DaPlays’, a bouncy track imbued with a restless energy thanks to a thumping kick drum and a wailing synth. A lot of the tape’s success comes from how consistently great the production is, highlights include Kid Ocean’s superb piano-laden works ‘Str8 To It’ and ‘Goin Strong’. Additionally, there’s serious diversity in JUiiCE’s delivery, ranging from the hyper melodic (‘The Difference’) to sharp, chanted mini-hooks (‘Against The Grain’). The project moves fluidly between each song, building on the sublime production with increasingly taut flows and infectious, memorable lyricism.

JUiiCE also recently dropped two singles, each of which adds a new dimension to his charisma-laden discography. ‘The Deal’ is anthemic brag rap with an octane-powered beat and one of the rapper’s most gleeful choruses to date, continuing the themes of overcoming struggle that were so present on #GlossStar. ‘S.L.T.’, meanwhile, is yet another collaboration with Kid Ocean, and it’s every bit as beautiful as their past works. JUiiCE pulls various flows out of seemingly nowhere, tackling the beat in a vast array of ways while maintaining the lyrical themes of struggle that his work is peppered with. On this song, the rapper warns against trusting people in the rap game, and while this is a tried and tested theme in his work and the rap game at large, it really is that is displayed most eloquently here as the rapper bounces weightlessly over the shimmering production.

Listen to January’s #GlossStarTape right here.

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