A gritty rapper hardened by the struggles of everyday life, Oso 200 spits nothing but grim realities. Such words are even more effective when paired with quality visuals, and in the case of the HAUNTXR-hosted ‘TRY2HIDE’ it’s suddenly hard to imagine the song without them.

Donning a black hoodie and rapping morosely amongst flickering shadows, Oso is less imposing and more a tragic figure, each word expressed with a look of pain and regret. The song’s bleak content matches perfectly with the dimly lit aesthetics, the lonerism in the rapper’s vacant stares, and perhaps most vitally for a song that speaks of drinking to fight off inner demons, the tight grasp on the bottle in his hand.

Although the video paints him as a tragic figure Oso’s movements are far from the awkward shuffle expected of an introvert. His image here may be reminiscent of some of the underground scene’s most iconic visuals (and in choosing to shoot his video solo with only a bottle for company, he is undeniably drawing influence from them), but the rapper’s approach remains uniquely effective. With this visual, he has made an effective splash in the scene that will be hard to overlook in the coming months.

Check out the video here. Check out Oso’s music on Soundcloud. Follow him on Twitter at @oso2hundo.

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