I’m thankful that VCiD reached out to me when he did, because I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the music he’s put out over the last few months. If you’re looking for high quality, lucidly delivered hip hop, the California rapper has you covered.

1. Firstly, I want to thank you for letting me host your recent single ‘RED DOT’ with Kli9se Killem. Do you two have any more music together otw?

Thanks bro it’s always a pleasure!! Thank you for hosting it and getting our music out there!! We don’t have any music in the vault but we will definitely be putting out more tracks together in the future

2. Your most recent project to drop was Celestial Souljah, can you tell me how that came together and how you chose songs for it?

For my tape Celestial Souljah I put it together because I wanted to drop another project, I felt like the first tape I dropped was a little mediocre so it inspired me to get back in the stu and go harder, after I made some new tracks I decided which ones I thought were the best and put em together for Celestial Souljah

3. You have another tape on the way which will be all collaborations. What is it called and who can we expect to see on there?

I haven’t confirmed the name of the collab tape yet but it might be called ‘VCiD SZN’ and will have only 3-5 songs, but it will be featuring one of my locals @Cam_Kron @cowboykillerr1 @561Hermes and possibly another track klipse

4. ‘TABBED OUT’ is one of your best songs imo, both the standard and chopped versions. As you always sound so great over ICXXY beats, will you be releasing more material with him any time soon?

Ayeee, I made that track in 30-45 minutes lmao but yes of course, I still got at least 7-10 beats from him in the vault, I fuck with icxxy and his sound heavy‼️ even if the love’s not reciprocated🤧 I’ve been making tracks with his beats for almost a year now

5. Are you still a producer? I can see on your Soundcloud you used to make beats but does that still happen?

I’ve thought about getting back into producing so i can start making my own sound but I feel like I’m just too busy for that now so I decided to just stick to rapping

6. Where did your name come from? I’m just wondering if there’s a specific meaning behind it.

I decided to call myself VCiD HiGH because for a while I was dropping lsd every other day, I’ve literally done acid over 100 times so I just thought to myself fuck it, let’s go with acidhigh since that’s what you be on all the time but let’s change the A to a V to show homage to rvidxr klvn who really influenced me the most to start making music

7. You talked about starting a collective before, how has that gone so far?

I got the logo for the collective and I got a few people to say they’re down like @MuItiplexes @icxxy_ @Majin_Buuddha @Cam_Kron and @haramzvy but so far nothing serious, I’ve been trying to push it but it’s hard doing it myself and on top of that I don’t want no lames asking me to join

8. Any artists you wanna shout out that people might be sleeping on?

Shoutout to all of R1 cuz I fuck with they style and I feel like they’re putting out a sound that niggas aren’t used to, and shout out to BMB/VSOP even tho only about 2-3 of their members fuck with me, they be going hard too. And besides them shoutout to anybody I’ve made music with‼️

9. Finally, is there anything else people should look out for from you? Projects, songs, visuals etc.

I got 2 new videos coming out within the next month or two and then a collab tape, I also will be releasing either a few singles or another 3-5 track solo EP

Listen to VCiD on Soundcloud. Follow him on Twitter at @VCiDHiGH.

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