Texas rapper/singer RDidthat has a fairly small discography, but his career up until this point still contains some undeniable highlights. ‘anymore’ transforms the guitar riff of Mr Probz’ ‘Waves’ into something even more emotionally bleak, littered sparsely with a fragile drum beat. R’s vocals are incredibly strong on this track, they soar beautifully above the beat and find a pleasant, swaying groove to settle into. ‘anymore’ is somewhat typical of the overdone emo-rap sound in delivery, but the sing-rapping feels warmer and more organic than you might expect.

Similar results are achieved on ‘lying’, which makes tasteful use of a reverb-soaked lead vocal to create a more upbeat anthem. R’s delivery here is more earnest and less pained, his songwriting has evidently come on leaps and bounds here as the song contains both an atmospheric build up and a subtly engaging outro, allowing it to clock in at four and a half minutes long without feeling bloated. The lyrical themes may not have changed much, but the poppier hook, thumping production and other melodic additions make for a significant improvement over the minimal sound of ‘anymore’, and yet another step forward for R’s artistic vision. His ability to craft a song is improving with every drop, and I’m looking forward to hearing new music from him very soon.

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