SOUTHERNGAWTHMOBB member, elusive rapper and very talented cover artist, Trenchboi Kese has been one of my mutuals for a minute now and it’s good to finally chop it up. If you need quality art, hit him up because he has some of the best design work in the unda. S/o Kese, I’m hoping I’ll hear some new music from you soon.

1. Firstly, I want to ask when you will next release new music? I know we had a release that didn’t go to plan but I’d still really like to hear new stuff from you, be it archived or newly recorded.

Honestly I don’t know when I will be dropping music I’m kinda unpredictable when it comes to that nothing is plan and I’m kinda in a bad position right now, but most def I got some creative shyt for the people coming soon for people that really wanna hear my music.

2. Your love for horror movies is well documented, at what point in your life did you realise that slasher movies would be a large part of your image and creative output?

Honestly it was unexpected, I love horror movies grew up watching since a baby with my mom we used to watch horror movies together n shit but I didn’t expected to be a part of my career with rapping, I just felt certain movies needed more recognition for there creativity so I just made a song about the movie. at a point I got mad cause people had horror movie samples and just be rapping bout bullshit on a good sample, so why not I just get my favorite movie sample and actually rap about the movie and I guess people started to gravitate to what I was doing.

3. You seem to be one of the few people genuinely interested in the ‘goth’ music scene and acts like Siouxsie and the Banshees. In general, your interest in 80’s music and film appears to make up a significant part of your interests and influences, would you like to expand on these observations?

I feel like the male Siouxsie Sioux of the underground Lol, the 80’s music been a big part of my life since I was little my stepdad stay playing 80’s music around me blasting so I kinda stay listening to that and Gangsta Rap, I been goth since middle school so the 80’s gothic sound always relaxed and always help my creativity with everything I do so influenced me the most, I do plan on expanding in different genres of music for more inspiration.

4. You’ve rapped over beats by Stevie Durag (‘You Can’t Kill The Metal’, ‘Angel Of Death’), Dead4Ever (‘Blxxdy Tears’) and KRXXK (‘Big Ol Stick’ w/ Lil Trvsh), but who is your favourite producer to collaborate with in this way?

Damn i really don’t show favoritism but ima say Stevie Durag & Krxxk why, it’s cause both of them fits my style of what I’m trying to do with music right now, Me and Stevie Durag we like horror so he mostly does my horror beats and we like the same shit, we damn near the same person Lol, and Krxxk beats reminds me of the Batcave, batcave was a goth club back in the 80’s where famous musicians and bands was form and performing, so his beats gives off that vibes to me.

5. How did you become a part of SOUTHERNGAWTHMOBB?

I was automatically in SGM when it was formed, cause LZA and me was TRIPLE1MOBB, Lil Disceased and Lil Trvsh was SouthernGawth Boyz and we all combined and made SouthernGawthMobb.

6. Who are your favourite rappers right now? You might just put me on to somebody new.

Well i mostly listen to bands now then rap but my favorite rappers right now is everybody in SGM & 111, WavyMoneyRecords, Sol Faneto, ISLURWHENITALK & 4Jay, L1l n1994 but he on his producing shyt again now, Herme$ & Darth Roach also Big Pete. All of em got some serious talent they going 80.

7. Your artwork is consistently amazing, and you have created single/tape covers for countless underground icons. When did you discover you had a talent for design?

Honestly I just adjusted to people styles when I make art, I already know how certain people music would relate to my art with there art, but I really wasn’t even supposed to be making art on some serious shit it just happened next thing I know I making art for everybody.

8. I’ve always wondered where your name came from? I know you used to go by a different one.

My name came from my surroundings, I’m from Virginia originally and we call it the stixx cause it’s straight woods n shit and I live in Georgia now and I’m surrounded by woods n shit, so basically I just started to use trenchboi and Kese is how my birth name sounds so I just put both together “Trenchboi Kese”.

9. This was a good interview bro, glad I got round to it! Anything else you wanna say?

I Wanna S/o the Family that been with me from beginning 111, SGM, TWR, Cyber_Hell, S/o to the supporters that’s fucking with the vision I’m trying to create & and everybody who cop a cover art from me cause boys really struggling out here, S/o 108mics for interviewing me. A whole lotta rare shit coming from me in the future

Listen to Kese on Soundcloud. Follow him on Twitter at @TRENCHBOI_KESE.

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