If you’re unfamiliar with KRXXK, you’re unfamiliar with the current sound of the underground. He’s likely produced for your favourite artist and at this point his accolades are only going to grow. The amount of artists that I’ve interviewed with songs produced by this guy is huge, and the amount of songs I’ve hosted produced by him is ever growing too. An enormously talented guy, KRXXK is making music that sounds like a cyberpunk club in a grim, dystopian future. If you check out any one artist from my blog, it should be this guy because you’ll be kicking yourself if you’re not hip to him when he starts producing for the biggest names in the business.

1. You seem to be one of the most in demand producers in the underground right now, but how did it all start? Were you always interested in producing?

I started makein beats like 2014 just for fun, i didn’t even have a laptop back then I made all my shits on my ola I pad I had but i started takin it more serious around 2017

2. You’ve collaborated with a ton of rappers: Deadgxd, Sauvi Gualla, Icxxy, Sol Faneto, 4jay, Darth Roach, Lil Disceased, SinisterSchuyler, Baby Gucci, EvilLaire & Big Pete just to name a few I follow closely. How did you make connections with these artists and start producing for them?

Shiit id just hit em up or vice versa big pete, lil trvsh, lil disceased just to name a few was sum of da first couple of niggas to rap on my shit wen i started to get more serious wit it

3. Recently, you’ve worked extensively with Cartier God, Diamondsonmydick & Hi-C, resulting in some of your best shit to date. How did you begin producing for those guys?

They hit me up & I already heard they music b4 & fucked wit it so I sent them sum shit but I think i sent Hi-c sum shit first & thats how tge song Im havin it came along then from there i worked with DOMD n Cartier

4. Your sound is going to be influential in a few years time, I could argue that it already is. What mindset do you get in when you make beats and what inspires you to do so?

Ion really got a certain mindset I just be in the zone wen i make beats sumtimes

5. Your style is very cyberpunk-inspired, as evidenced by your beat tapes and some of your collaborative beats. Are you a fan of anime and other dystopian media and does it influence the sound of your work if so?

Yea i fuck wit some anime sum of em got a influence aestheticly if that makes sense but also movies like blade i just fuck wit the dark underground club scene so that just rubbed off on me makin beats

6. You have quite a few beats that you’ve worked on with fellow unda producers, including Penta Omega, Jewish Reaper, Slavery & Bloodline Genesis. Who makes the best beats in the scene right now, aside from yourself?

Besides those people u just named, Lil Trvsh, Hi-c, BMB, Icxxy

7. Do you have any new beat tapes or collaborations dropping soon? Let people know what to look out for.

I got 2 beat tapes planned but i gotta tape prod by me droppin soon wit spookyli & I think a ep wit Diamondsonmydick

8. Where did your name come from? I still can’t believe I was saying it wrong all this time lmao.

I use to tag KRXXK around but I got the name from stealin shit out the store wen i was a jitt cus wen i did it my niggas wud never see my do it so they wud be suprised everytime. I just spelled it like that cus I was fuckin wit Raider Klan back then

9. Where are you from? Did any of your local artists and producers have an impact on you when you first started out?

Im from Orlando & nah not really, i mean Purrp a influence but he from Miami

10. Thankyou for agreeing to this bro, I’ve wanted to interview you for a minute. Is there anything else you’d like to add?

S/O to everybody fuckin wit me & Preciate the interview

Listen to KRXXK on Soundcloud. Follow him on Twitter at @KR00C.

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